Arcana Lyrics

We gazed at the sun
one last time
As ashes fell down to earth
Could we see all the signs
Or did we just close our eyes

We watched the stars
just one last time
As our bodies fell
to the ground
Could we have done more
Or were we committed
Limited by greed

Well, now it's too late for our sons and daughters
Can we look upon ourselves with pride
Now it's too late for the earth to recover
Our guilt we can no longer hide

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Comments from YouTube:

Herzog Wolf

i could sleep forever with this music

Natalie B

Listening to this music makes me think of the last hour of life on earth before the sun expands. I am imagining these two people standing alone on the earth, staring, squinting towards the blinding orange light just before the final burst of deadly radiation consumes them entirely.

Petra Hilbk


Leviathan J

amazing sound

Renato Mallei


Aranel Brightman

perfect for all day, especially when I'm going in the tram :P

Karina Nalbandyan

Arcana love their music

fla gkdsa

the lyrics are fvcking deep!

Jaro Maršalek

beautiful ...

Machado Machado


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