Chant of the Awakening
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La salva de profundis
De canto de procella

La salva de profundis
De canto de procella

Eterna de doloris
Eterna de Doloris

La salva de Profundis
De canto de procella

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Here's the thing. As I said I can't provide a proper translation from my side.
Anyway, I asked to a friend of mine that happens to be studying latin.
His response about the lyrics is quite... unexpected.

This is the short version (apologies for my not-proper-english) using a linguistic approach to the lyrics.

"La Salva" itself doesn't make any sense here.
To give you an example: "La" in italian is a determinative singular article used for the feminine gender, is the English equivalent for "the", but, as you know, "the" doesn't refer to any specific gender.
The problem is that in Latin there were no such thing as articles.
A syntagm as "the girl" for example, is simply "puella" which is a noun, first declension. No articles.

"Salva", can be written in several ways (according to Bjargo's pronunciation).

Taken from Latin Dictionary Olivetti:

"Salvus" 1st Class adjective

Inflected for the feminine gender you have these cases:

Salvă (Feminine, Singular, NOMINATIVE)
Salvā (Feminine, Singular, ABLATIVE)
Salvă (Feminine, Singulare, VOCATIVE)

Inflected for the neutral gender you have these cases:

Salva (Neutral, Plural, NOMINATIVE)
Salva (Neutral, Plural, ACCUSATIVE)
Salva (Neutral, Plural, VOCATIVE)

Anyway, it is an adjective and has several written forms (as shown just above this line) and meanings (Latin Dictionary Olivetti):
1. Safe, Healthy, Unhurt/Unharmed, Untouched, Whole (Incorruptible);
2. (of people) Living, Existing;
3. (of laws) In force, In effect;
4. (ecclesiastical - which I believe being our case -) Redeemed, Liberated.

Moving onto "De (most likely "dē") Profundis".
Dē is a not inflectable part of speech which stands (again) for several things.
Short guess, stands for a motion from a place to another.

Then we have Profundis (most likely Profund-īs).
Again, several meanings, in this case I will write down some of them because it might be interesting (Latin Dictionary Olivetti):

1. Depth, Ravine, Precipice;
2. Abyss, Deep;
3. Secret place, Hiding place;
4. (plural) Secrets, Misteries

In short: "From the Depth".

"De Canto, De Procella"... well it seems like he is talking, chanting, without a specific connection to something. It is everything very "Ethereal". And in this case "De" looks like it is used not as in something moving from somewhere.
Most likely is something like: "Talking about/In regard/In relation to the Chant (Canto), Talking about/In regard/In relation to the Storm (Procella)".

I couldn't find the form of "Eterna" as it is in the lyrics. I would say has the same meaning as in the italian "Eterno" which stands for "aeternus, immortālis, sempiternus, perpetuus", basically eternal, immortal, everlasting.
Probably is Aeterna... (updated, is definitely AETERNA, as on the CD).

So "Eterna de Doloris". Again, "De Doloris", "Talking about/In regard/In relation to the Pain, Ache/Suffering, Grief/Torment".

So, to be clear, the linguistic approach shows that there is no will to speak about something specific, there is no coherence. It is more an ethereal approach (Arcana's/Bjargo's style).
About "La Salva", "La" is definitely wrong. Unless he is referring to something/someone specific. But, again, no articles in Latin.

** A couple of notes **

De Profundis may be referring to a couple of things, maybe not, maybe yes. Who knows.

*The first one could be the Psalm 130 of the Book of Psalms, The first verse is a call to God in deep sorrow, from "out of the depths" (Out of the deep):

De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine - From the depths, I have cried out to you, O Lord
Domine, exaudi vocem meam - Lord, hear my voice.

**De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine is also an album by the black metal band Dark Funeral.

* If you look out for De Profundis on wikipedia, there are tons of things.

So here it is.

I would, anyway, give a shot to this translation of mine.
I considered "Salva" as "Salvation" and deliberately interpreted part of the lyrics just following my insticts:

La salva de profundis - Salvation from the depth
De canto de procella - From the Chant From the Storm
La salva de profundis - Salvation from the depth
De canto de procella - From the Chant From the Storm
Eterna de doloris - Eternal affliction/suffering
Eterna de Doloris - Eternal affliction/suffering


Again, sorry about my poor english.
Please be aware that I used for this translation the lyrics provided in the description, therefore some things might be wrong.

Hope this will help.

- Cheers


Pretty sure no one was able to figure it out, but here is a possible translation I came up with:

"The safety from the depths
Of singing of the storm

The safety from the depths
Of singing of the storm

The eternal pain
The everlasting pain

The safety from the depths
Of singing of the storm"

I can tell this piece is about Hell, and some kind of safety or sanctuary from it

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I found this song years ago on Limewire i think. I am so glad i was able to find it again! <3

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