Arcana Lyrics

You are the sword that runs through my heart
You are the pale shadow
That surrounds me with sorrow.
You cut my throat just to see me bleed.
Oh sweet death
Will our journey continue eternally ?

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm 61 one years old. I set my player to repeat this and do sword work in my living room with the lights out until the worries of the day are sweat and I am at peace. Sometimes the moon rests above the ocean outside my windows and the music is even better than it is here.

Ariston de Pella

Me encanta todo que delicadeza que sonido profundo y espiritual... enhorabuena por su trabajo ..muchas gracias


I've loved this song for years. In terms of Atmospheric/Gothic music that can just take your breath away and send chills down your spine...Arcana is the perfect group for that (or Dark Sanctuary...very close contest there).


You are the sword that run through my heart You are the pale shadow that surrounds me with sorrow You cut my throat just to see me bleed Oh, sweet death will our journey continue eternally?


Back at the beginning this was my inspiration to join EVE online. I seen allot in EVE. Been apart of CVA, SMA, CO2. I was indirectly part of the SMA fall. Now I live in wormhole space where I will remain until the end.

Thomas Brilke

This album is amazing!!

C Saivo12

their music is so beautiful!!

Keeper of the Seven keys

As someone who is also here because of Rooks and Kings, looking at the comment section I have to stop and wonder at the publicity this amazing piece of music acquired thanks to EVE Online. As well as the thoughts of Mortsell, who uploaded this video, probably never having expecting so many to have found there way here as the result of the actions of a group of players in a spaceship massively multiplayer game.

Jhan Niber

Finally found this from the Rooks and Kings video. This is a beutiful piece and that was a great video on the beauty of EVE Online.

Darlene-Ashley Cheleze

dreams can bcome reality when i am here. very few artists ever - capture the pure spirit like its caught right here.

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