Love Eternal
Arcana Lyrics

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Adam Locke

I love listening to Arcana when I'm thinking and planning, or studying. The power and majesty inspired by the instruments truly empower the emotion and grace in the voices.

Jim Bonz

One of the best bands I have heard all of there songs are original and stellar.


So beautiful, I love Arcana.


I´ts so dark and powerful and gives me chill all over... and still, I just can´t stop listening to this song!!!


This is the second good song from Arcana behind My Cold Sea, Thanks for posting it!

Barbara Force

It's been a long time since I've heard a song beautiful that it elicited tears

Thomas Brilke

A wonderfull album!


a few can feel this song entirely,i bet my life in it

Rachelle Briggs

Absolutely Beautiful!!


Next to My cold Sea the best piece from Arcana - its so... intense

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