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Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
by Arctic Monkeys

We'll ask if we can have six in
If not we'll have to have two
Well, you're coming up our end, aren't you?
So I'll get one with you
Won't he let us have six in?
Especially not with the food
He could have just told us no though
He didn't have to be rude

You see her with the green dress?
She talked to me at the bar
Wait, how come it's already two pound fifty?
We've only gone about a yard
Didn't you see she were gorgeous
She were beyond belief
But this lad at her side drinking his Smirnoff Ice
Came and paid for her Tropical Reef

And I'm sitting going backwards
And I didn't want to leave
I said, "It's High Green, mate
Via Hillsborough, please"

Well, how funny were that sketch earlier
Up near that taxi rank?
Oh no, you would have missed it
Think it were when you went to the bank
These two lads squaring up proper shouting
'Bout who were next in the queue
The kind of thing that'd seem so silly
But not when they've both had a few

Well calm down, temper, temper
You shouldn't get so annoyed
Well, you're acting like a silly little boy
And they wanted to be men
And do some fighting in the street
They said "no surrender
No chance of retreat"

And so why are they in the taxi?
'Cause I didn't want to leave
I said, "It's High Green, mate
Via Hillsborough, please"

Drunken plots hatched to jump it
Ask around, "Are you sure?"
Went for it but the red light was showing
And red light indicates doors are secured

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Alex Turner

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Everytime this tune ends i expect Mardy Bum to be there straight away.. Played the album too many times

Marty _

"Asked him if we could have six in, if not we'll have to have two"

Amazing how he can paint such a clear picture of the situation in one line. Big group of friends, looking to fit into a cab, trying to negotiate so they can all take one instead of two. Brilliant.

Mariana Hidden

In my country everyone do that lol

Dan Wilsln

Absolute genius mate, I can relate to all the songs in the first 2 albums. Pure genius. For me arctic monkeys music is better than oasis, especially their first 2 albums. They just summed up the young British culture so much it’s unbelievable. Dancing shoes for example, the lyrics in that song are totally amazing and unbelievable accurate. Again, genius!

Arctic Monkeys

its "We'll ask if we can have six in"

sam b

I always imagined a couple on a date wanting to order 6 beers , alright we’ll have one each then 😂

Liam Mulcahy

Brilliant m8

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Josephine Winter

the way he integrates several narratives, all told in the vocative, is incredible, unique even, a masterpiece of lyrics writing


Well said Mr. Winter

Miguel Encalada

It's High Green m8

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