Drown in My Own Tears
Aretha Franklin Lyrics

It brings big tears
Into my eyes
When I began
When I began to realize
That I've cried so much
Oh, since you've been gone
I guess I'll drown in
Drown in my own tears
I've been crying
Just like a child
These tears of mine
These tears are running wild
And if you don't think
If you don't think that you'll be home soon
Baby, I'm going to drown, oh yeah, in my own tears

Here without you (you)
I get so lonely and I sure get blue (blue), yes, I do
It seems to keep rainin' (rainin')
Rainin', and raining more and more (more and more)
Oh, here without you, baby,
I sure get lonely and I get so blue,
And every time I look around, it's rainin'
More, and more, and more, and more, and more

Oh, why can't you? (you) Why can't you
Why can't you come on home? (You come on home)
Because I don't wanna be, I don't want to be here all alone
Listen, if you don't think (If you don't)
If you don't think that you're coming home soon (You don't think),
Like this evening,
I believe I'm gonna drown (drown) this morning
I tell you that I'm gonna (drown) gonna drown this evening
And oh! (drown) It's sure gonna get bad in the midnight hour
Don't let him let me, (drown) Don't let him let me
Don't let him let me, Don't let him let me
Drown (goin' down), in my own tears
I don't wanna drown (drown) in my own tears
Oh, I'm gonna drown, yeah, in my
Oh, in my own tears, tears, my tears, tears
Oh, don't let him do it, don't let him do it
I don't wanna drown in my own tears

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Written by: Henry B. Glover

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Comments from YouTube:

Eric King

One of my all-time favorites by Aretha! Cissy, Erma, and Carolyn are serving up some "Caravans" realness in the background! Y'all Betta sing!

Lonnie Ingram

sho u right.

John Lewis

Thats the Great Sweet Inspirations

Dick Dastardly

RIP. You can be any genre as hardcore as much as you like, but if you don't like this you don't know music. Period.


Dick Dastardly:🎯


I don't care how many people cover this in the future.....nobody messing with this like Aretha. She owned this joint and sung the brakes off this piece.

Alex Atkinson

Johnny Winter does an amazing cover of this song also

Iam Justme

@a c frfr


@a c : yes



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