Big Spender
Arizona Zervas Lyrics

Good Lookin so Refined
Say wouldnt you like to know
Whats going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every guy I see
Hey big spender
spend a little time with me
Girl I ain't spending that shit, this ain't mine
Girl im renting that whip
And if you out for my money
Then i'm sorry little honey
Cause I ain't yo man, You better end that shit
Oh you need that cash, Go ask your dad
Heard he got them racks, 30k in a mattress
Met this bad bitch, Who heard i was rappin
Found out i was broke
And disappeared like magic
OH my god
News flash, thet dont' want you
Then want a new jacket
And some brand new shoes
That's two stacks
And if you don't got the cash
Whatch em move fast
Out of that door, Out of yo life
Left fot the checks
And that don't sound right
Having sex on jet, New man got bread
and she ain't cummin back
But thay's a round trip flight
And sorry if thats all new to you
Cause i don't really mean
To confuse you dudes
But some girls see a man
With a couple bands
And give them brain for some change
Like a tutor do, I call them gold diggers
I don't Roll them, Making money with her body
Thats a hoe figure, You can buy her drink
Ain't going home with her
Cause she leave you for dude
Who got the chrome spinners damn
Yea right girl
I ain't playing that shit
100 bills for the meal
I ain't paying that shit
Bitch yea I got some money
I ain't sating im rich
But if the waitress bad
Then i'm Laying that tip
Cause these hoes chase that bread
Why do you think they all love Panera
Unless they drop straight to they knees
Then i don't cum near em
Cause i whip that Malibu
Skert no Ferrari. But it just stalled out
I gotta go restart it
Made a song with carnage
And a girl Responded, AZ so special
And that flow retarded
But I know what she thinking
She her for the guap, But my green is mine
I ain't sharing my guac
She swear that she love me
Don't care about the cost
But the next you know she be wearing my watch
I said FDB
Fuck that Bitch
But her body so dope
You could cut that brick
She gotta ass so dumb
Man you think she the one
But she'll be copping all yo cash
If you cuff that chick
So don't play with her games
You know how these skanks go
They take yo money then leave
Thats why they call it ank roll(oh no)

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel K

Why did this song randomly disappear from Spotify SoundCloud etc ??

Frag Tap Beats

Cuz he probably bought a lease with a limited number of streams allowed.

Arizona Zervas

Thanks For The Post Guys!


Kai M.

Love this song! Thx :)


still listening to this


Me too

Owen Coe

This needs to be on Apple Music

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