Another Day On The Terrace
Armin van Buuren Lyrics

Something's disappeared inside
Should I try to run away
If I could I would escape you

I won't argue anymore
I have lost the will to be
Hope you don't think I'm ungrateful

Close the curtains, lock the door
Left my notes upon the stair
In the hope you wouldn't read them

Fake emotions in my head
Everything I've seen and read
Can't begin to find the reason

Why? Why are you laughing?
Is it something that I said?

I don't like this place at all
Makes me wonder what I'm here for
Someone take this pain away
Dying to see another day

And I don't want to be your friend
Or pretend I can fit into
I'm incensed, I'm blown away
Dying to see another day

I don't like this place at all
Makes me wonder what I'm here for
Someone take this pain away
Dying to see another day

And I don't want to be your friend
Or pretend I can fit into
I'm incensed, I'm blown away
Dying to see another day

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Jeanne Longo

Thank you Armin Van Buuren!
Your mu~zique takes me away to places I never ever dreamed of...Every album of yours I have bought at HMV were well worth the money!Over and over...Your mu~zique helps to get me through life. There are lapses where I have a sadness. Very deep inside. And I forget about everything. I get stuck in a rut. In a deep well. No one can save me. I cry only tears that I see. Grief and Hopelessness overpower any happiness I ever had...I forget living...I forget life...
I am alone...
Alone to punish me...
Only hurt, pain and sadness surround me. Bullying me...I am too tired to fight back. It envelopes me quickly. My memories forgotten...Despair, Hopelessness and only acceptance surround me. Swirling around and above me looking down at me. Trying to seduce me...Its fingertips slide across my throat. I turn and look up.Another slightly sensual hand cups my chin. We are slowly spinning..Around and around...Horizontally...Downwards...I am not afraid...For I know Death...Death doesn't own me...Death has no power over me...
Hold on!!
But then "~Wait~!"
I hear something...
What is that!?
My body suddenly recognizes what it is. It has a mind of its own...I start to move to tha muzic...moving to the beat...My voice begins to sing.!Awkwardly at first because I am alone now. My confidence is slow to remember what life and living is all about...
Then suddenly I am picked up! Twirled and caressed by the mu~sique, the upbeat gathers me up and we go on a Journey...of my soul...I see my life behind me. Fear, Hoplessness, Grief, Despair and yes, Deep Sadness regretfully at first... But then they bleakly and gratefully fall away from me. Tumbling away...Scurrying away even...I try not to notice that! But then I am like a skater on ice. I am spinning around and around...A warmth envelops my spirit. I feel weightless. Any kind of beautiful move I can make with my body occurs. My movements are art! A wonderful story is unravelling...!!
I smile...but not for long...I begin to laff and laff! Uncontrollable Joy and Happiness are swirling around me. The light! Then through my body!It's a most amazing feeling! Like exciting shivers!
I can't hold back! I laff out loud! Moving to the Mu~Zique that brought me to a new dimension...I start to dance hardcore! My body separate from itself. Each body part has chosen a different beat to move to, in this song. Yet...Its perfect...Peace and Happiness...And Love...
The Strength I have inside myself is Unmatched...
I... am my own worst friend and critique...
I know that now...
Looove this album! It takes me waayy back! I was at HMV and I accidentally stumbled upon this. It wasnt even in the right section! It was stuck between some movies in a bin. But it didn't belong there. It said like $45.00 dollars Canadian. I bought it...I had never heard any of the songs on here before. Even though I had about 7-8 of his albums in my CD collection(I don't own any CD's now, from being homeless these last 2 years), and I played them over and over so I memorized full albums. I would sing and hum and make up my own "Jeanne~Versions!" of his mu~zique! It changed the songs sometimes entirely! But always and only for the better. The best...
This album became no different...
I ended up owning it...Putting my spin on it. Every song!!Beautiful...Simply Beautiful...!!
Looove ya Armin Van Buuren!Thank you for your mu~zique!! Lata...Jeanne 🙏🎼🎹💚🎵💿🎶🔊🤗

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Muhammad Mahir

2020 and still checking

Pablo Velazquez

2021 <3

9THWonder OfTheWorld

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Aron Cory

@Paul Timmins trying it out right now. Looks good so far :)

Paul Timmins

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9THWonder OfTheWorld

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Antonio RS

La musica electronica tiene otro alma, literalmente te puede hacer entrar en otra dimension. Al no tener un tema en especial, la escuchas en un determinado contexto y tu le das las intensidad a tus sensaciones. Es perfecto


asi es bro,

Rose Hernandez Palmeros

Álbum por el cual ame a Armin Van Buuren, siempre sera el mejor DJ del mundo!! Pese a quien le pese!! #arminvanbuuren


the golden age of trance

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