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Burned With Desire
by Armin van Buuren

For each forgotten kiss,
For all the memories,
For all the times a look,
Said all we had to say,

You played your part so well,
A modern Romeo,
You came on Cupids wings,
And then you flew away,

When you touched my face
When you call my name
I'm burned with desire

[Repeat x2]
When you touched my face,
When you call my name,
I'm burned with desire,

But you left me in the rain

For every sleepless night,
Forever in your arms,
For every hour spent,
Lost in the reverie,

You broke your promises,
No shame and no regrets,
You burned the bridges too,
An endless mystery.

[Repeat x2]
When you touched my face (So beautiful)
When you call my name (My name)
I'm burned with desire

But you left me in the rain

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Comments from YouTube:

Gate keeper

if u dont feel anything from this song..ur a freakin robot

Ritesh Deshmukh


Ali S

There are 72 robots dislike this song


@WeednShroomsGuy420710 Unfortunately it's not at all dramatic.


@Seolferwulf a bit dramatic but all right


Or depression has stolen your ability to feel FeelsFuckingBadMan

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christian acosta

Who's listening this beautiful melody in 2019?

Hussam HanaFi

2020 ✌

Oracle xxx



I remember I was listening to this song so much when I was going through very difficut times. Sometimes, I like to play it just to remind myself I managed to survive whatever made my soul empty and my heart heavy back then. That's why this song will always bring me peace, closure and lots of consolation. I hold it really close to my heart.

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