I See You
Armin van Buuren Lyrics

I don't own you, I
I don't own you, own you
I don't own you, own you
I don't own you

Ohh, no own you

I don't own you, own you
own you, you
I don't own you, own you
I don't own you, own you
I don't own you, own you

Ohh, no


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Comments from YouTube:


A delicious track with a good range of sounds and a very powerful baseline. Forget Avatar, this track was born for the higher end of the volume switch!

Khay slave

This song makes me remember my old times when I discovered what’s trance music and vocal trance 😍😍😍


Glad this video has returned!


I see you. Period. Nothing more to add. This reflects anything needed in a relationship. Knowing and understanding your partner ... your child ... your friend ... truly SEE her/him ... Great tune!


G ... Dude chill down :-) The video is crap btw. and Avatar was like "The smurfs" on steroids :-D It is just the lyrics which I find every inspiring and which I think reflect almost any aspect of a healthy relationship... It's the metaphoric message which I was talking about.

KroNick_Abundance Nikolaos

Sven Garbe the visuals HAVE VERY strong over TONES of the vrill society. just look up Donald Marshall 2012 interviews & this "sweating of the quill" is awfully similar concept and may help those having a hard time wrapping their heads around it to understand what exactly he's talking about. there's far too MUCH anecdotal and circumstantial evidence to ignore it. art very least is worth a look into at least for an interesting perspective and a new lense to look at music Hollywood and all enter-taint-men-t as well as political world through. BUT PLEASE UNLESS you HAVE ACTUALLY done the research YOURSELF and listened to the hours of content in several interviews then it's a moote point to make such a blanket statement without being AWARE this possibility EXIST in the first place. just saying. I'd recommend taking a look at it n then coming back&reconsidering their maybe at very least a tiny bit of hinting MAYBE SOMEONE intended or WANTED it to be noticed and called out? ! SOME MAYBE forced to be ghost writers producer etc that never gets credit. one last interesting point is why would someone ruin their own reputation to bring this info to the public for free? !NOT selling books NOT selling speeches not even famous more the opposite infamous and made fun of by the masses with only handfuls talKing it serious. BUT what if he's RIGHT? ! well then we're NOT in Kansas anymore and have our work cut out fOr us as a species. all things consIdered


Yep, good remark as I love that part myself. Piano, violin are my favourites..


they belong in my top 10 :D


thx, that's why I am here on youtube. It's the best comment you can give to me :)

Michael Guest

I remember when this track first came out. This hit me so hard with a tidal wave of euphoria and still does

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