Armin van Buuren Lyrics

You use to light up the dark
With your unrelenting spark
It always put a fire in me

You use to say I'm the one
The only ray of sun you could touch without the fear of burning

Well you use to try to please me
Yeah you use to try to please me
Never said this would be easy
Never said this would be easy

Well now, you tell her now
While you hold her in your arms
Are you pretending shes me?

Just alone I go
Before you realize shes the one that you're going to lose anyway
You just got there now you're leaving
You just got there now you're leaving

Your sweet notes are deceiving
Your sweet notes are deceiving

Well it ain't over till its over and my world shuts down
But this comes close I'll have you know
Its just a matter of time
But it ain't over till its over but I won't be made a fool
'Cause leaving me the way you did was just so

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Comments from YouTube:

Thereza Guillart

Amazing song😍 it doesn't matter how many years come by this songs are just my favorites... Trance makes me feel alive, happy and unexplained feeling...😊😊😱😫😁😍💃🏻💞

multiverse specimen

Nena Guillart a masterpiece in vocal trance.

Mostafa Aly

Nena Guillart agreed!


Jaren is mindfarkingblowing.. Voices like that are made for trance.

Rafael Camargo Urango

My favorite trance song ever.

Rafael Camargo Urango

@Miles Roe Thank you for all the recommendations. Great tunes.

Miles Roe

It's very good, but not quite up with the big boys of '94 - '99.
Nalin and Kane Beachball
Union Jack Two full moons and a trout
BT Godspeed
Paul van Dyk For an Angel
Universal Nation Push

Nando Raven

One of my favourites too.

The Militant Vegan


Andreea Neacsu

I love this song since it’s been released 10 years back!😍😍❤️❤️ still one of my fav!Armin is my fav dj’s still and one of the best dj’s of all times!❤️❤️in love with Armin’s music forever!🇷🇴

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