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Jose Luis Ayala

I am genuinely convinced this is the greatest song ever composed and produced. Yes, in the entire history of humanity. This song is an experience. It symbolizes every negative and positive thing about life. Eight, almost nine, minutes of pure magic in every beat. Thank you for creating the peak of music, Armin van Buuren.


Siempre me ha gustado pensar que si el alma tuviera un sonido, sería música trance :) ☺♫♪

Arturo Iván Hernandez Galvan

Claro , sin duda :)

Cesar Hernández


Myrna Rosales

Bien dicho

Anna Zúñiga

A mis 12 años enamorada de shivers, enamorada de zócalo enamórate de ti. Hoy a mis 23 sigo buscando el pasado. Donde siempre es mejor 💗💗

Eliot Davila

Clásicos q nunca pasarán de moda... 😎😎😎


This song has so much unspoken meaning to me, I don't get it. It's fucking incredible though. One of the few songs I can still feel from back then..

Matthew Fusco



I feel u, so much going but yet so simple.

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