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Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten
Arvo Pärt Lyrics

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What deep and profound insight into the human condition this composer has. The terrible loss of a single human life should shatter and shake us to the core like this music. Life can be so hard yet so beautiful, so connected yet disconnected at the same time. We all know love is the single most important thing we can have and will ever have in life yet that is not reflected in how we conduct and organize our societies.


@Florian Thiébault Whether you're a Buddhist or a Christian is utterly irrelevant, they both conceive of the same 'love everyone equally' meaningless dogma. I'd hardly call it a personal attack, but whatever. 'True love' means different things to different people, true, but then again loving everyone in the world equally is completely impossible since you've only met under 50,000 people in your entire life. You can't love everything equally, because it completely destroys the concept of what 'love' is. (E.g: There can be no dark without light). Therefore, your conception of 'true love' is not built on any kind of rational thought whatsoever.

Love is a beautiful thing and it's wonderful while it lasts. Let's not neutralise it completely with silly notions of 'loving everyone equally', while pretending we're some kind of peace-proffering angel. It's cringy.

Florian Thiébault

@BaileyRob Hello again,

I don't know if the "hyper-christian" is an ad personam attack to myself, may be... but in case of, for you to know I am not christian at all but buddhist.
Please discuss with standing arguments before personnal attacks. Or don't if your point is to be agressive.
Again, get free of the ego human brother, we are all one.

Peace vv

Florian Thiébault

BaileyRob Hello (politeness is good),

Slow down, you don't have to answer in 2 hours top.
True Love is universal and uncondtionnal, or it is not Love.
My question about reality aims to challenge your assumptions that are a bit pretentious, perception stuff.
Do you claim to know personally what reality is ?
Am I in the clouds or are you on earth ?
Let go of the ego brother.

I wish you a nice healing path.

Florian Thiébault

@Jorge Manzano Hello,

True Love is universal, or it is not True Love.

Have a nice evening/day wherever you are.


@Jorge Manzano Exactly. I love the comments that praise the piece for what it is. But to read some hyper-christian "love everyone in the world equally" message into this piece is just an insult to Part.

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Josh Daniels

I'm not sure any piece of music will express as well the idea of being utterly bereft. It is the song sung by the heart of a people who have gazed up in horrified astonishment and seen their sun die and their world grow dark. Which, coincidentally, is the same thing one feels as one comes to grips with the idea of being left in a world that no longer has a dear loved one in it.

Josh Daniels

@DieFlabbergast I didn't ask you, troll.

Stephen Cowley

That should read. . . I watched my son die twice in nine hours

Stephen Cowley

I watched my do die twice in nine hours this music perfectly reflects my mood then🙁

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