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The Night You Left
Ashley Kutcher Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ashley Kutcher:

Fake Bitches (Ah-ah, la-ah) (Ah-ah, la-ah) Out here in L.A. for the firs…
Hands to Myself I know we probably wouldn’t be good together I know you…
HMU If U Don't Like Me My love language is rejection But I don’t want to tell…
If I Could I don′t even know just how bad it hurts I hate…
Love You From a Distance I could never say we could go back and be…
Lust Did I leave a mark on where I′ve been When someone…
Sleepy I've been a little bit busy been a little on…
Year To Be Over I′ve been going through some changes While we're in and out…
‎Hands to Myself I know we probably wouldn’t be good together I know you…
‎HMU If U Don't Like Me My love language is rejection But I don’t want to tell…

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Comments from YouTube:

Heather Willis

I love how this song just perfectly explains how my engagement ended and I’ve worked so hard to heal and now it’s all coming back 😔

Heather Willis

@S.P. Baughman it really is rough we had moved 4 states away from my entire family so when he decided to leave I was quite literally all alone trying to figure out if it was something I could survive? But now he has a baby and a wedding coming up and it’s only been 4 months. I’m working Towards an AA degree in medical technology taking things day by day and being patient with myself.

S.P. Baughman

My engagement ended also when he left 3 months before we got married .In my case I do not know what the heck happened ,he ghosted me ..left to pick up the pieces of my life and it is tough...

Zoe Goodhand

Omg your so strong Xx 💪❤️

Jacob W

Waiting for you to get the recognition you deserve. Glad I found your music early, cause the swarms coming. I know it 😁

SarahK 21

Ashley, I discovered you a month or less ago and you have the most relatable songs. They are beautiful.

You don't write too many sad songs. Sometimes those feelings are the most powerful and they need to be expressed. Music is one of the best ways to express yourself. Don't ever stop doing what you love. You have a real talent here. Absolutely stunning.

Tate veera

this is a masterpiece

princess jane gubat

I love the way you sounds. Your voice is unique. I hope you go to stardom. And want to hear more happy vibe songs that would be great. Let's spread happy thoughts

jayla c.

friday marks half a year since you left me, on the floor. bawling, choking on my throw up, begging you to stay. 6 months without you. 6 months of healing, and growing.. yet i still miss you. 6 months has passed and it still hurts the way it did watching you shut that door. we could have made it. we could have pushed a little harder. you know things aren’t supposed to be this way, but you gave up on me. on us. it’s still so unbelievable. 6 months and you’re already trying to replace me. looking for our spark in another woman. fighting to make y’all perfect, after giving up so easily on us. how could you ever love someone else that quickly? where did your love for me go? the 2+ years of memories we made together, the love/connection that was so obvious it was undeniable.. was it ever even really there? how could you fall in and out of love so easily? you can’t. your distraction will never be me. us. you’ll never feel the way we felt. the sparks we created. the energy that ran through us. that only exists within us; no matter how hard you try to force it somewhere else. i can’t wait for you to realize it.


God Is Watching Everyone

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