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Asian Glow Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Asian Glow:

Circumstances telling me who i am Hasn't already been done a long ago? Why I bother keeping…
cycles Coming forward Shoes were heavier than I remember, though I&…
enough of laid out you're falling in silence Wait till screen turns to black He′ll greet and tell you…
Field We're under the sun, so bright to live So hold me…
Just thinking Bring out the night that always tell Who is glowing what…
Michin So we decided to sit here talk Four more people is…
No Exit Bent down to stand still for a while Pieces are keeping…
Nothing but Turn around, all the ceilings crushed down all my bones I…
Piglet Breathe in All the pretenders running the pot Nothing to bur…

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Comments from YouTube:


My bio teacher introduced my class to this phenomenon. She was teaching about different enzymes and how a lot of Asians are deficient in alcohol dehydrogenase, and how she herself gets uncomfortable when she even drinks some beer or red wine. BTW, she was my favourite highschool teacher.


She would get in trouble if she said that in Florida now


I'm sure she was a great teacher. However, on average, Asians are not at all deficient in alcohol dehydrogenase; in fact, they have more efficient ALCOHOL dehydrogenase (that is, they actually tend to convert ethanol to the next step, acetaldehyde, much faster). Asians are more likely to have less efficient ALDEHYDE dehydrogenase (which converts the toxic acetaldehyde to acetate). You can see it partially explained in the video above (except the part about the more efficient alcohol dehydrogenase).

It is hypothesised that these mutations in the genes that encode these enzymes are adaptations to prevent alcoholism.


Aww she sounds like a great teacher


I have Asian Flush. When I was a kid, I would drink just a tad bit of my parents alcohol on weekday mornings to pretend I was sick and not have to go to school.

joko tri

Dude nice


@Kenneth Huang I hope you know that every family isn’t the same because back at my home country Philippines my family don’t drink but one of my friends parents do and they were a heavy drinkers and they turn super red


Big brain right here


@I'm a Monkey, yas • 0 seconds ago not at all dude... Have you ever drank alcohol?

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shinsei tamago-chan

I have always been wondering why oesophagic/stomach cancers were so common in East Asia, now I see why. Very informative.

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