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The Flag Is Raised
Asian Glow Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Flag Is Raised' by these artists:

Bladee Here comes that feeling you should never let it go Ca-caress…
Bladee ecco2k Here comes that feeling you should never let it go Ca-caress…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Asian Glow:

Circumstances telling me who i am Hasn't already been done a long ago? Why I bother keeping…
cycles Coming forward Shoes were heavier than I remember, though I&…
enough of laid out you're falling in silence Wait till screen turns to black He′ll greet and tell you…
Field We're under the sun, so bright to live So hold me…
Just thinking Bring out the night that always tell Who is glowing what…
Michin So we decided to sit here talk Four more people is…
No Exit Bent down to stand still for a while Pieces are keeping…
Nothing but Turn around, all the ceilings crushed down all my bones I…
Piglet Breathe in All the pretenders running the pot Nothing to bur…

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Comments from YouTube:


I thought a good cover of bladee and ecco2k would be impossible lmao, but this was actually amazing and incorporated your own style

Leo dksdkfjdskfhkYHBFkj

insane im gonna kill for this to be on spotify


i switched to youtube long ago and i do not regret it :)


It’s available on Spotify now




wish granted soon

c !

@Playboi Uzi but... my scrobbles ☹

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Aljo A

I think bladee would really love this rendition


​@K4LL4Mit's crazy


he does, asked him at the nyc pop up, apparently they look at covers on youtube to see how they inspired others,he also likes june henry's covers too

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