Always You
Astro Lyrics

辛かったさ 君のそばに来るまで
涙流して 会えなくなるかもって
Do you remember? 最後の日 笑った君の笑顔
ここにある ずっとある 頭の中にいつも

待ってるはずの 君だけ思い 涙ぐみながら 向かってるよ
まだいるかな 険しい時間の中で 何度も転んでも
Run to you 走るんだ やっと 君の姿 見つけた
やはり 君さ 会いたかったよ I'm not okay
抱きしめられなくて つらい 君をまた探す
待ってたよ I waited for you 愛してる そう 君を

辛くたって 支えになる 怖いんだぼくは 欲しいんだ君が
僕は大丈夫 一人でも 君が消えてしまったら 僕はダメだから
待ってたのは 知ってるよ 届かなくて 胸が痛み
伝えたかった言葉 ずっと残ってるんだ

君を思い出し ぼうっと立ちつくし 息を殺して 耐えたのさ
運命なのか あの場所に君は
まだいるかな 険しい時間の中で 何度も転んでも
遠い道 さまよい 君の元までほら 来たんだ

やはり 君さ 会いたかったよ I'm not okay
抱きしめられなくて つらい 君をまた探す
待ってたよ I waited for you 愛してる そう 君を

僕が今 伝えたい話 君だけを 愛してたってこと
もう一度 僕を 抱きしめてほしい 僕は君でなければもう ダメなんだ

やはり 君さ 会いたかったよ I'm not okay
抱きしめられなくて つらい 君をまた探す
待ってたよ I waited for you 愛してる そう 君を

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Written by: Bull$Eye, Design88, Eastwest2, Jin Jin, Yoske, Dong Hyun Shin, Jang Geun Park

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Sierra Nasir

A= Aesthetic
S= Sensation
T= Talent
R= Rocking
O= Outstanding


A= Amazing
R= Revolutionary
O= Optimising
H= Heavenly
A= Ambitious

Have seen trend quite a lot of times an it’s so cool how people are coming up with so many positive full words for Astro and so I thought it would be pretty much fun to also appreciate Aroha for always having our boy’s backs. Thank you so much Aroha and Astro!!

star stro

if you are wondering why fans are extra emotional in this song and mv. Always you is not just an ordinary love song. It is actually astro being so sorry to their fans (arohas) because they havent come back since november mainly bc of some company issues beyond their control. They are so apologetic even though its not even their fault. They knew that they were losing fans yet they still showed a bright and cheery atmosphere. They were so sorry for making arohas wait for a long time. They are such precious boys who have nothing but pure love to arohas. So please give astro a chance because they seriously deserve all the love and support

even after their hiatus, instead of coming up with a normal album they chose to release this special mini album which is wholly dedicated to arohas that stayed with them despite the hindrances the past few months. You can check their b-side, by your side, the lyrics were written by all of ASTRO and its a masterpiece.

Im not exaggerating when i say they love arohas so much. From dedicating songs to arohas (you and me & real love) to dedicating a whole album to arohas. They just want to make arohas happy. In everything that they do it’s always to make arohas happy . I’ll just drop lyrics from their album (PLEASE CHECK THEIR ALBUM RISE UP ITS A MASTERPIECE ISTG and support eunwoo’s drama ‘my id is gangnam beauty’ airing on july 27)

Ill just leave some lyrics from their album below GIVE ASTRO A CHANCE EVERYONE :(

“ its a little late right? While you were waiting i saw your tears from behind. I missed you, i longed for you your smile when you looked at me. I remember all of it” - by your side (astro)

“I sent my heart along with the blowing wind. As the flower petals bloom and fall and fly into the sky i will be by your side behind you always”

“ whatever happens and i dont know what else will happen but just like we are able to meet now like nothing happened, like fate that was decided beforehand, you believe that if we are meant to meet again, then we will right? We know that rohas believe in us and we also trust rohas” -ROCKY

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Aroha& Army

BTW why did you delete all your videos?

astrogirl 93

Rocky is a multi-talented boy

thins 04

Arohas please stream sanha ang moonbin music vedio BAd IDea

Nouf N


jumeirah marcial


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2 years later we are back here again not cause of the company but due to fanwars! Stay strong rohas! ASTRO IS ALWAYS WITH YOU! ASTRO AROHAS ARE ALSO ALWAYS WITH YOU! YOU GOT OUR BACK!
Other fandoms thank you so much for supporting us!
:') we luv you all!

Moonbin's Shirt HongJoong's Mullet

Arohas, listen,can we not get into anymore fanwars. We can do it, let's come back to this song because it makes us happy and let's not come back here only when sad things happen.

Astro Aroha

And we're always with them


@Mohanaroha oh I’m an army & an aroha and I’m really sorry for all their actions...not all armys are like that so please don’t hate them ,,🔯❤️!

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