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Wo mia heasan und des is woa, do fressns d'sau mitsaumt de hoa, do liegt des glumpat

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Attwenger's song "HiAso" are in Bavarian dialect, a Germanic language spoken in some parts of Austria and Southern Germany. The song talks about a situation where someone has heard something and it turns out to be true, and in this place, pigs eat grass with their feet and there is a lot of junk lying around.

The first line "Wo mia heasan und des is woa" means "Where we heard it and it's true." This line suggests that the singer knows something to be true because they have heard it themselves. The second line, "do fressns d'sau mitsaumt de hoa" means "here, the pig eats the grass with its hoofs," which describes an unusual and perhaps even absurd sight, as pigs usually do not eat grass. The third line, "do liegt des glumpat" translates to "here lies the junk," indicating there's a lot of clutter and things lying around in the environment.

Line by Line Meaning

Wo mia heasan und des is woa
Where we come from, and it's true

Do fressns d'sau mitsaumt de hoa
There, pigs eat along with the chickens

Do liegt des glumpat
There lies the clutter

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