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Au-Dessus Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Au-Dessus:

I I am the shapeless sorrows that crawls out of your…
II Slowly sinking Sinking all of us.. In this suffocating droug…
III Running from your own shadow. A reminder of what was in…
IV What once was whole, now needs healing Last drops of sane…
VI We build the barriers Block ourselves from stepping out of t…
VIII With every dawn comes chaos. Head filled with demons waiting…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mathieu Andrei

@Black Metal Promotion, i don't know who u are, but u're my fck'n hero, i discovered so many fabulous bands with ur chanel, Thx for Uploading. Black metal militia, to the death


Oh yea, BMP is the best! Love you Black! 🤘🏻


Totally with you there Mathieu.

Ronan Bueno

One of the best discoveries I had in a long time. Awesome!


Not bad. But that cover art just stayed with me. So simple, but a part of my just WANTS it as a poster.


Came here from Krachmucker TV. Thanks Ernie!

filipe da silva

Um dos melhores álbuns que já ouvi, banda referência do metal Black Metal moderno.


Yeah found out about this band on bandcamp. Their EP is great and spent spring looking forward to this release. I hope they tour the US with Mgla or similar acts.


That first song is just utter class.


I haven't even finished listening to this whole album yet and I'm already feeling like this is one of my favorite black metal releases I've heard in quite some time. Along with Mgla's "With Hearts Towards None" and Batushka's "Litourgiya" this def ranks up there for originality while still maintaining that essence of evil that makes it so magnificent. This is my first introduction to the band so I am looking forward to going back and checking out their EP that so many are saying could be even better. Seems Eastern Europe is breeding for the future of black metal these days. Amazing

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