Au-Dessus Lyrics

Running from your own shadow.
A reminder of what was in the past.
Deep inside between those dark contours.
Lied trust and passion to exist.
As time change its value, as different moments occur and disappear.
Care and hate melts into one as Shadow grows and change its shape.
Shattered mind looks back and questions. Why were you like that?
Why now your thoughts, beliefs are different?
Your soul tries to take a different path?
Some say it's natural, some say it's odd. Say it's wrong!
Not sure if dreaming or awake or on the way to the end.

Contributed by Blake Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Oleksiy Budyak

Look forward to seeing you on RITES OF THE BLACK MASS!


Muito bom pqp!!!

Patate Douce

quelle decouverte c'est sublime :)




wow.. just.. WOW! chills..

Mis Tripas


Kim C.



Fucking powerfull song!!! Brillant! Great from Colombia.

Velvet Rain


Dark Master

lyrics please

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