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Austin Wintory Lyrics

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We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…
Onward Áfram Veginn sem sólin eilífa lýsir Og aðeins hinir hugdjörf…

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Nitro six

@Nalhy Journey is very much art to a lot of people because in a lot of ways they could understand the adventure our red robed character is going through. A lot of people interprets it as a metaphor for life, and for a good reason.

There are times where he stumbles, sometimes he meets friends along the way, a companion. Maybe he'd lost his friend, and meet another along the way.

Despite being a "walking simulator" the game never stayed in one singular idea for each area. You genuinely feel like going through an adventure with unexpected things happening. You went from sliding through the golden sand to hiding from mechanical serpents. And in the end, faced death.

To many, our character's death signifies failure, hopelessness. Yet the game didn't end there. Eventually he reached the mountain, alone; or with somebody. The feeling of accomplishing something after all that hardship, it's an unexplainable moment of catharsis. Did we die, or were we saved? That's for you to decide.

When we walked into the light at the top of the mountain, it wasn't glorious or ethereal. It felt calming, and, personal.

You can take the story of Journey any way you want, yet the core stays the same.

It's a genuinely good adventure game and an emotional one.

Pepito Bât

@Nalhy Art, just like beauty, is very subjective.

Sometimes, art is meant to talk about complicated stuff, new (or old) ideas explored from someone else's point of view.
Sometimes, art is meant to be history, and a way to remember.
Sometimes, art is meant to show our devotion to a cause, and to celebrate that cause.
And sometimes, it's only meant to be beautiful.

People consider this art, because, to them, it's just that beautiful. The music is independently beautiful. The visuals, too. And the use of interactivity in Journey is something very special. All of it combined in a single experience might be enough to consider it art.

There's no explaining why people consider something beautiful : it CAN NOT be explained, by definition.

Dude Man19

A short story.

I wasn't sure who I was, or where I had come from, but I knew the Mountain, and that was my goal.

My story began as every story does; at the beginning, taking baby steps to my goal. I didn't dare venture far but, frankly, I didn't need to. At that time, the path was well laid out for me.

The first time I met The Ancient, I learned what I suspected; that the Mountain was the goal of this, my Journey.

My scarf short for now, wafted gently against my back. The Fallen Bridge stood ahead, and beyond, the Mountain loomed.
Here, I think, I began to grow up. My path lay obvious in front of me, my goal beyond.
And yet, despite this, I could explore.
Scattered about the ravine, crossed by many bridges, were fragments of fallen Guardians. Old, dying Cloth fluttered from it in the gentle wind. The smaller ones, the Fish, waited inside, and helped me along when freed. They completed the bridge for me, aided me on my Journey.

But then came the Desert.
It was a time of joy and fun.
It was a time of fear and aprehension.
What came next? Over the next dune? In the next ruin? What do I do know?
The Mountain was always there, always the goal. I would skip happily with the Cloth I came across, as Dolphins now, but also the small Fish. My Scarf grew longer, and now fluttered a distance behind me. Sometimes I found my self joyful and playful. Other times, I was terrified and small. Ocasionally, I questioned the Ancestor, even the Mountain.

I met someone in the Desert. Who it was I cannot say, but they stayed with me until the end. Until the Mountain.
Finally, across many miles of the Desert, we found the Sandstorm, a foundry for Guardians. The Ancestor met with both of us, and told more of the story of what came before.

The City lay immensely before me. This was the highlight of the Journey, the staging ground for beyond. Here the Dolphins and Fish dipped playfully into the sand. Journeying. Just as we were.
To the Mountain.
To the End.
Me and my companion had become good friends now, and we dared not stray too far from the other. Or Scarfs, longer now, flapped behind us in the rushing wind. This was the golden time of the Journey. The time when nothing was wrong, and we had everything we needed. Our path was clear. We knew what to do.

And then that ended, and all was unknown.
The Ancestor spoke more of the story, of the peace.
And of the War.

The Catacombs were always dark, and little light shone through. We found havens, and Cloth that hid. It hid from us.

It hid from Others.
Beyond was the Staging Grounds of the Guardians. They loomed, gathering dust and sand.

But not all.of them were dead.

These times were times of fear, of not knowing what would happen. The Journey might have failed, for we would be trapped.
But there was still hope.

The Temple saved us from the monsters behind. The Temple harbored our light, and protected it. We were safe there, with its aid.

The Temple filled, first with the Light, then with the Cloth. Fish, Dolphins, Jellyfish, a Whale, all there, safe in the Temple. Finally, we reached the top.

We learned that the future was already history.
And that our Journey wasn't done.

Great hardship was felt on the Mountain. The wind whipped, tearing our cloth, and the cold sapped our light. Many times, we had to huddle together to survive. Graves littered the slopes.
Many other creatures were there. On the way to end their Journey.
Too many never made it.

The Mountains cold was unrelenting, and many froze in the ascent.

Still others were cast down.
Guardians patrolled the slopes, tearing apart those they found.

The climb was hard. Many times, we were frozen, attacked, and had to hide in holes, or were simply blown away.
But the Summit, oh, the Summit, the Journeys End, was to important.

The storm blew everything away; Guardians, the Cloths. Only we were left going.
We kept going
And we kept going
And we kept going
Until we weren't.

We fell into the snow. We were frozen through. We could barely move. We expected to die.

The Ancestors stood about us, watching us. They lent us what light they had.

And we flew.
Past the storms, past the cold, past the machines that sought to consume us.
We flew for the Summit.

And then we were there.

What a glorious place it was! Shining with warmth and light, overflowing with energy and life. We continued up.
And we were there.
We were at the he Mountains peak.
We did not stop.
Our destination is beyond
Was beyond.
Is here.
We were here, at the End.
And then we weren't anywhere.

Rushing, rushing, rushing. Great wind all about.
The Mountain behind, behind, behind. Going away.
The Journey in reverse. Down the Mountain, the Temple, the City, the Desert, the Bridge. The sand littered with graves. Mine wasn't there. Mine was on the Mountain.
From the End to the Beginning. The reverse of all stories. Yours, mine, the worlds. Beginning to End, and back again.
Almost there, almost. No memory, only purpose, only will.

The Journey lay ahead.

I wasn't sure who I was, or where I had come from, but I knew the Mountain, and that was my goal.

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When I was a little red cloak, I met a stranger garbed in white. He showed me everything: the hidden places of all the glowing symbols, the most breathtaking views, how to ride the cloth fish ... and he was sooo positive the whole time. Every time I got a new glowing symbol he'd chime and run in circles around me like no one in the world could possibly be any prouder. And when we came to Apotheosis, spinning in flight around each other, finally reaching the top ... he drew a heart for me in the snow. And I chimed so excitedly, retraced his heart, ran around him as he chimed back and spun around me. Like I wanted to cry, he was the best stranger I've ever met ... I didn't want to walk through the light because I knew that would be the last time I saw the stranger. I swear, this game can end wars if it tried. I miss my companion, I don't remember his username exactly, it must've been something like M3TAL_HEAD, haha :) So wherever you are buddy, you're the best, luv ya.

Kitten Slayer

This is oddly specific I used to be that type of white cloak player, drawing hearts and everything. I doubt it was me on PS3 but the universal love is the same ❤️

Grumpi Bunni

My gosh ❤️


I like ya pfp G


Lord k.Gaimiz

i know who you are talking about, if you want to find his name go watch the channel called secret sleepover society ^^

Purwanti Allan

@SparkleBerryPie050's Channel hi bro. Did u know Journey was actually released 3 months before the grand debut of LoveLive Sunshine??

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The only multiplayer that makes you like the person on the other side.


@sweeperchick this happened to me too, i was waiting for that buddy but i got tired of waiting so i left it him or her

Jim Stoesz

They pull it off by not telling you that it's multiplayer, preventing the Bastard Instinct from triggering in the minds of their players.


Nonsense ... call of duty makes you like the person on the other side

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