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Fifth Confluence
Austin Wintory Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…

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Comments from YouTube:

Dana Graves

I remember this is when I said "But their cities fell...were covered with sand...and those who didn't leave died and were buried..."


There are many journeys within a story. But each has its own ending for better or worse. And theirs was sad and bitter. For the dark machines they built, eventually corrupted and consumed all. Even them. Soon they perished and the sands of time covered most of what remained of their great presence.
But that is not the end of the story. There is still an unfinished journey. There is still someone that needs to reach the mountain. There is still... US.

Sam Clayton

a confluence is a point where to rivers meet


the entire soundtrack is a great study music or just to ease out any crazy feelings bottled up inside.

Samuel Nyberg

I'd take this game over any first person shooter any day!


A lone commentor awakens to find himself alone, for all of his companions dissapeared without a trace.

He hopes that soon enough, others will appear amongst the land.


This song is really beautiful. That moment when I saw the confluence of the robbed figures being buried in the sand, it made my heart heavy and brought me to tears.


Even this game is a fraction in length and content, I think it kicks most FPSs asses! I'll take an awesome story over a AK-47 any day!

Dieter Schonemann

Awww how gloom

Melo Dy

It's their fault ... According to the frescoes -that's how I interpreted them-, they rejected the "carpets"(I think it's supposed to represent their essence, a way to live, I don't really know how to explain my feelings about this I'm sorry), built machines, and then they fought each other. It was a war and it killed everybody. Then a lot of time passed according to the tons of sands on their constructions. It must be a very ancient civilisation. ~

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