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First Confluence
Austin Wintory Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…

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Comments from YouTube:


I really wanna cosplay the characters and have a recording of the chirps on my phone so I can run around chirping xD This game and music and design is all so gorgeous3

Edric L.

On the journey that the soul shall dare,
Another had shown with familiar fare.
Another was there to help the way,
To assist the soul and never astray.
Through the stone of ruin bleak,
They manage to glimpse the former make.
Upon their glance they found something new,
Of scarlet leaves that remain of due.


Your poetry is beautiful. I wish I could write that way.


Was love at the first 3 seconds of listening. Thank you for this wonderful melody.

Millinov Admiral

Wow.. this soundtrack does really deserve a Grammy nomination


Well now it looks like you've made my day.


"Intention is an energy of confluence..." -Kryon


I am so grateful I came across this music, this game, this beauty! It is truly an art and many blessings to the creator for sharing this with the world!

Luke Kenney

You're amazing dude! The soundtrack that you created made me feel emotions that no game has ever been able to give me. It fits perfectly with the visual art and the surroundings and I would like to thank you for that. Also, has thatgamecompany asked you to do any future soundtracks for upcoming games?


the score along with the emotions in game are insane

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