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I want to learn more about the world in which the game journey takes place, it's cultures, religion,writing.

Gati Petriashvili

1:46 gives me goosies, really powerful

Zach Macias

The harp solo at 1:28 is so beautiful, one of the most serene pieces of music I've ever heard. I can instantly visualize that top-down view of the gully you wander through after the encounter with the Guardians.


1:46 😴💖


When you’re watching the sunset


Covid: I’m gonna kill everyone!
Austin Wintory: hold my beer...

Tervel Zankov

This one is soooo goood!


And yet in these harsh and snowy conditions there is still life. There is still light. As I ascend the mountain, I can't help, but wonder... perhaps there is still hope... maybe I will reach the top.

Edric L.

Unfamiliar color that brought to life, That neither the start could make it end. From heighten wind and higher you go, To another realm of mysterious flow. Where the clouds be muster and likely free, Or the breeze that whisper the mountain so glee. The fabric of tune of scarlet feather, Flying like avian birds, distant with honor.

Jaycey Kirby


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