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I want to learn more about the world in which the game journey takes place, it's cultures, religion,writing.

Zach Macias

The harp solo at 1:28 is so beautiful, one of the most serene pieces of music I've ever heard. I can instantly visualize that top-down view of the gully you wander through after the encounter with the Guardians.


You only get the harp when you are there with a companio... I love to just sit in that courtyard for a few minutes, if my companion allows it.. 😊


And yet in these harsh and snowy conditions there is still life. There is still light. As I ascend the mountain, I can't help, but wonder... perhaps there is still hope... maybe I will reach the top.


1:40 - The end is my favorite part

Annika Heydl

I just saw that this was taken off Spotify and I wanna cry. This was one of my favorite writing soundtracks, it had a scene that went with it and everything 😭😭 pls put it back


I don’t really listen to Spotify, I listen to Apple Music, but the whole journey soundtrack was taken off Apple Music also😢😭

Annika Heydl

@Maia Grenier-Chamberland it’s so sad :(

Maia Grenier-Chamberland

Same, thats why Im here instead of spotify 😢 I dont know why its gone but I want it back pls

Art Suh

this one is my favorite one, it's just......... so beautiful. I nearly see the snowy mountain with the mysterious shine raying out outside of my window.

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