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Second Confluence
Austin Wintory Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…

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Comments from YouTube:

Potato Potato

thatgamecompany never cease to amaze me. From the dark depths of the ocean, to the lush green fields, to heart of the dessert, thatgamecompany always changes my definination of serenity and gives me a new perspective. Thank thatgamecompany, and thank you Austin Wintory. You are nothing short of genuis.

Edric L.

Leaflets of silk of crimson style,
With exquisite design in groups and pile.
They float through air and shrouded the soul,
To leap above and higher their goal.
Upon the first there be the second,
Of another design, massive and lightened.
Upon the soothe they ascend above,
To another tale that remains to love.

Catherine Towers

"In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverance and regret
For none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met
Under palest watch you tought, we changed, base instincts were redeemed
A world you gave to bug and beast as they had never dreamed"

- From "Elegy for Hallownest" by Monomon the Teacher

The poem is not mine, it belongs to Team Cherry, but since we were talking about poems, I decided to include this personal favorite.


This is one of my favorite of your poems. Thank you for sharing your talent.


more i listen to this, less words i have, and more i listen to it simply

Dana Graves

Confluence: the act or process of merging; the junction of two rivers. Well played, Mr. Wintory.


That one person who disliked this is nothing. This game was nominated for a Grammy! Go Journey, and thank you Austin Wintory for giving us this beautiful music.


I just love how they can tell a great story without actually using words.

KpopGaming Studios

I just finished this game (as well as ~flOw~ and Flower) today (I had just started these games today too), and they were the best games I have ever played for the PS3. Artfully simplistic, these games show that not all video games have to be about winning. Austin Wintory has done what a lot of composers try to do. He has created art through music. Music which, when listened to while playing the game or even just with your eyes closed, can send the mind on a Journey that the listeners create.

Moved by Truth

Love this track

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