Autolux Lyrics

Let's go for a ride
Just shut your radioactive mouth
It's time to decide
While my heart mourns my open mind

With your average love
The more you've cried
The more you give her
Just shut your radioactive mind
It's time to decide
While my heart mourns my open eyes

With your average love
You had it all
You could not give her

Writer(s): Greg Edwards, Carla Azar, . Boots, Eugene Goreshter

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Comments from YouTube:

《Thee Sweet Science》

drummer is so sick! unique and full of timing rhythm. that amazing Jazz feel of seeming that the wheels could fall off at any moment, a disastrous mistake about to happen, but it never does, never will. girl is locked In, pushes the limits, awkward and gutsy beats, in rhythm always. not to mention, I'm not as about as non-fashionable as one can get haha, but I'm loving the fluorescent orange top, blended with the background art! it's like warhol

Poltergeist M

One of my favorite Autolux songs

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