The Silence
Avalanche City Lyrics

I remember a conversation
At a restaurant with a friend of mine
He's a successful mind
And he told me of his life

And the plans he'd made to come this far
Had gone so well and now we're all
So proud of him and he told me how
But I couldn't bear to listen
'Cause all my life I've heard of the
Dreams of the organized
To be the best in the company
To win the awards but that's not me

'Cause all my life all I ever wanted
Was a love that lasted longer than the silence

I had to say that I had to leave
'Cause it was on my mind
That all he set in me was insecurity
But that dream was never mine

'Cause the plans I thought I'd made
So far had gone alright but all that I feel now
Is doubt and he told me why
But I couldn't bear to listen

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Comments from YouTube:


the acoustic version of this is amazing

Khyla Ybalane

i really like this song. seems so relaxing and inspiring to hear !

Harriet Walker

I can't even begin to explain how amazing this song is!


This one was soooooo good live.


this is the song that i listen to everyday on my way to work :-)


I downloaded the album on a torrent and a lot of the songs also had acoustic versions, not to sure if they are on youtube or not

craig miller

the best bbq morning soundtrack

Sarah Margaret

where do you find it holy shit ive been searching for 20 min

Garian Leighton-Anderson

@wisdom32 hahahahaha awesome i luv dis song


song is awesome, but the acoustic version is way better

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