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Everything About You
by Avant

If I can get inside your mind
And let my light shine like no other man would
If I can physically, mentally and emotionally make you feel like no
Other man could
If I can take you to my house and lay you on the couch
And do my thing
If I Express to you the way I feel in this song
About the joy you bring yeah

Is it your hair, No!
your eyes, No!
your face, No!
It's everything about you
It's your neck, No!
Your breasts, No!
Your navel
It's everything about you
It's your ears, No!
Your thighs, No!
Your beautiful toes
It's everything about you
I don't have one thing that I don't
Love about you girl
Its everything about you

If I can smell the morning dew and your body scent too laying next to
If I can give you protection, love, and affection so baby, you don't
have to worry
If I can be your teddy bear, or the one that truly cares when it
hurts so much
If I can be the one that fits in your life, like a mit or a hand in
I'll be your sunshine, when your in the rain, (And I will)
I'll give you my happiness and I'll take your pain yeah


You can get to know me, get to love me for who I am
and if you need some time to make up your mind I won't give a
damn... No
Because you are so special, worth more than diamonds and pearls
Girl I want you to be
No you need to be part of my world

[Chorus x2]

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