Fading Light
Aviators Lyrics

Life's breath in the candlelight
Lost hearts in the dead of night
It's a long way down
To the place they found
Dark sun, hollowed by the fade
Our debt they left to be paid
Seen the blackness stare
Promising to spare
The chosen
Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low
Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

I've a tale that time has lost
Sins of judgment born in frost
Then he took a name
For the one profaned
Know the dark, but let it rest
Left to lurkers in their quest
Let the watchers fight
And the blood ignite
The chosen

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low
Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

Souls to revive us
Or rot us away
Want for the weary
And death for the sane
Cursed yet we listen
For bells left to toll
To fight back the depths of
Humanity's soul
For the unkindled
We look to the sun
Cities in gold
All the victories won
Fear not the dark
Or the monsters, my friend
And brace for the feast
Of humanity's end

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low
Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low
Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

On SoulSong Version
Age of dark, an age of men
Turned to ashes to ascend
Fate has chosen, and our
Fading light is at its end

(Fading light...)

Contributed by Sadie G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Nathan Jora

Allan Thompson « most of the things je did which were cruel were involved with the old gods »

... No ? Transforming all of his knights in beasts : had nothing to do with the old gods
All of the cruel tortures taking place in Irithyll dungeon : had nothing to do with the old gods
Killing and/or torturing the giants ? Had nothing to do with the old gods
Allying himself with/corrupting an order of abyss corrupted church : had nothing to do with the old gods (and looking at the fact that the church of the deep uses dark miracles and the fact that the traces of corruption we find on its architecture are the same as the ones found in Oolacile, yes, the church of the deep’s corruption had something to do with the abyss in one way or another)

And even if you were right : and so what ? The old gods (and their descendants) were people to. Just because he attacked only one race of people (if it were even true) wouldn’t not make him a bad guy/not make him a cruel guy.

« He truely wanted to end their rule once and for all and, he never really hated them in the beggining »

Citation please. For both these statements.

All we know is that he took their place and fed one of them (which as far as we know may have been one of only two gods in Anor Londo ; dancer was descended of the royal family, doesn’t mean she ruled, and it doesn’t mean she was a full blown goddess, much the opposite in fact since everyone in Irithyll seems to be descended from the old gods according the the description of the irithyllian preset face ; so it’s not even clear that the gods even ruled anything significant, and considering what happened in DS2, it’s highly doubtful the gods managed to restore their power) to a bloated cannibal.

Which is needlessly cruel.

And just as much as we don’t know wether or not there was a rule to end, we don’t know that he didn’t hate/resented the gods in the first place, because we don’t know anything about his prior opinion on the gods.

« He was just a ambitious sorcerer »

And the four kings were just ambitious rulers, doesn’t mean they weren’t bad guys.

Ambitions makes for a fine motivation to turn evil, you know ?

« he finds a flame corrupted by the abyss »

Don’t over extend, we only know that it was a corrupted flame, and considering that it was a giant who granted its force to create it, it wasn’t necessarily corrupted by the abyss, born of men.

« which likely took root inside of him »

... eh, citation needed.

What we know is that his ambition grew when he saw this profaned flame, nowhere is there even a hint that he was corrupted by it.
I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that you likely don’t have evidence of that.

« And now he suddenly goes out for the gods? »

... No ? We do not know what drove him to kill the gods.
Maybe he always resented them but didn’t felt powerful enough to fight them until he found the flame, maybe he didn’t even hate the gods, he just wanted to become more powerful, and they stood in his way, maybe he didn’t give a damn about the gods, but the profaned flame gave him an inspiration as to how to use the gods to become more powerful, etc.

« I think that was the dark getting back at the gods for what they’ve done »

... Protecting the world from the dark ? Yeah, I guess that’s what a destructive force would do... If said Force was intelligent enough to plan... Which we have no evidence for.
Not only do you overextend on the origin of the profaned flame, you over extend on the abilities of the dark.
Furthermore, none of what you said would make pontiff not evil, it would make him... someone who became evil... Which doesn’t change a thing as to how he ended up.

It doesn’t really matter if he became evil as a consequence of being corrupted by the dark, which I highly doubt considering how intelligent he was, contrary to every other being corrupted by the dark (Artorias, Manus, people of Oolacile, ringed knights), and most entities born from the dark (the locust preachers), he still turned out evil.

« The profaned flame always was that counter to the gods and the flame »

... No, that’s explicitly wrong.
The profaned flame was an attempt by Yorm to create a never ending flame to fuel the age of fire for eternity, so exactly what the gods wanted.
We have no indication that the people who proposed this idea to Yorm thought the thing would fail, just that the didn’t care or took responsibility despite the destruction they brought.
Furthermore, we have no indication that the profaned flame did anything to the gods.

« Sooo pontiff was corrupted by the profaned flame »

Something for which we don’t have evidence for.

« which then made him go out and hunt down the gods »

Still no evidence for that, all we know is that he had ambitions, and that somehow the old gods had to die for that, at least some of them.

« and wanted to take down the old tradition of lighting the first flame »

Aldrich, the saint of the deep, the one to which Pontiff fed a god, was forced to link the first flame by his followers.

Amongst his followers/part of his church or people who were his allies at least, the one we know of that’s most likely to be able to force Aldrich to link the first flame... Would be pontiff.
Not saying that he did, I’m just saying that we don’t know either way what was Pontiff’s stance one lighting the first flame.

« Thats why all the stuff he did was related to the gods or the first flame and the dark »

Except not all the stuff he did was related to the old gods, or the first flame, or the dark.

« his knights were to trap the undead from stopping him »

... Except we don’t know that. And it wouldn’t make much sense, considering the number of undead and the fact that there was only a handful of outrider knights, who were only scouts, not an army deployed to isolate the first flame.

« and to stop the royalty from escaping »

... You do realize that there are no irithyllian knight in Anor Londo, the only place where there is still royalty ? And no, dancer wasn’t royalty, she was descended of royalty.

« Then he straight up got anor londo’s original protector eaten so aldritch could absorb that power. And then be like, ‘’oh thanks man, what do tant from me in exchange for that?’’ and then he gets aldritch to basically take down the old gods »

... No, at the point where he fed Gwyndoline to Aldritch, the only one know god remaining in Anor Londo besides Yorshka was killed.
In their words, when Pontiff gave Gwyndolin to Aldritch, they had (or pontiff had) already brought down Anor Londo, and the known remaining gods.

« And he can now let the flame fade »

... Except that he obviously did a terrible job at that considering that Aldrich linked the first flame, which may indicate that he didn’t give a damn either way about the first flame fading.

« since he in the end became the profaned flames puppet »

Except we don’t know that, and his sword of judgement was filled with evil energies resembling sorcerers... Not pyromancies, or the flame, as a corruption by the profaned flame would be expected to.

Essex 37

Hell Tide/Spiraling Madness/Thirsting Gods (Chaos)
Crippled Giant(Imperium at Large)
Cracked Bastions(Imperial side of the 13th Black Crusade)
Black Crusade(Chaos side of the 13th)
Mists and Whispers(The Eldar)
Fallen Pharaohs/Subjects of Silence(Necrons)
Cinders and Faith(Sisters of Battle)
The Martyrs and Fodder(The Guard)
His Angels(Space Marines)
Cicatrix Maledictum(State of the Galaxy in current lore, which is to say, quite poor.)

The Great Crusade(The Great Crusade)
Sons (The Primarchs)
The Unwilling God(The Emperor)
Doubts(Horus's rise to Warmaster and his worries about his brothers)
Rivals, Traitors, and Sorrows(Exploring the Primarchs reasons for discontent and eventual betrayal)
Temptations(the Corruption of the Primarchs by Chaos)
Isstvan(The battles on Isstvan III and V)
The Great Heresy/The Great Betrayal(The Hours Heresy)
Nail in the Coffin(Battle of Terra and fall of the Emperor)
Age of the True Imperium/Time of Darkness(Aftermath)
I know that Avi probably isn't we'll verse enough in Warhammer lore (if at all), to do a 30k album but I mostly did that for fanservice of my 40k brothers.

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For those of you who have played it, I'm interested to hear what you think:

What was your favorite piece of the Souls series OST? I think Soul of Cinder might be mine (if I didn't give that away).

loaf Bread

Gaping dragon has a pretty epic score and always subtly reminded me of shadow of the colossus.
Ornstien & Smough is a good one too. Used it as a boss theme for a D&D game even!
Iudex Gundyr though, that song hits hard and I can’t really say why. It just has such a good melody.

Melissa Brooks

Orinstien and Smough without a doubt

Corveck Lorian

1) Slave Knight Gael (Phase 1, 2, 3)
2) Soul of Cinder (Phase 1, 2)
3) Gundyr (Champion or Iuedex)
I really like these boss fights too and Nameless King is pretty fun too once you've gotten the moves down.


Sir Alonne’s

Friendly neighborhood Inquisitor

Dark Sun Gwyndolin tbh

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Ya_Boi_Kyle 777

This hits different when you know alot of the lore.

A ClassicUsername

Man those Vaati videos hit almost as hard as Havel does on a light armor build.


I feel ya there

Corveck Lorian

I can see that

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