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Ayub Ogada Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Dala' by these artists:

Dobet Gnahoré Wouè me non biako Kpata gbalé é Biako Enè Wouè me non Biako …
Dobet Gnahoré Wouè me non biako Kpata gbalé é Biako Enè Wouè me non Biako …
Semi Tee Kudala kudala ndikulindile Kudala kudala ndikulindile Kudala…
Yasmin Asistido Bigla-bigla ka na lang huminto Habang ikaw ay palakad, patun…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ayub Ogada:

Kothbiro Hah Hahye hahye aye hahye BIS Om maam na pum imjya Kothbiro…
Nyandolo Nyandolo Obembere Mwana Lipo Ni kalle Kamsenje Omwesi Papa..…
Obiero Aaaah haye haye haye haye haye haye Aaaah haye haye haye…
Wa Winjigo Ero Biography Ayub Ogada's life is a prime demonstration of the …

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Comments from YouTube:

Robert N Pruden

I use his music to wake up most mornings. Nothing makes for a more gentle wake up than listening to Ayub play the nyatiti

nancy colt

love this man's music, it fills our soul! His works are beautiful!


The beautiful sounds of the African Soul... ;o) Thank You!

Sarah Timi

Simplicity... “Simplicity is the nature of great souls.”

Sam Nyagaya

more kenyan should follow culture music

annick merlin

L'Afrique et ses rythmes profonds . . Je pleure quand je vois ce que font les hommes de toi ,. . .jade

Oli Wia

Great artist!


More culture(music as well) for Africa, less weapons!

Shaque Aq

Oh! Music IS part of a people's culture, by the way. No need to say ' Culture & music '

Shaque Aq

Africa has less weapons than America; don't play into the stereotype; we're the most culturally rich & diverse people in this world

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