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En Mana Kuoyo
Ayub Ogada Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ayub Ogada:

Kothbiro Hah Hahye hahye aye hahye BIS Om maam na pum imjya Kothbiro…
Nyandolo Nyandolo Obembere Mwana Lipo Ni kalle Kamsenje Omwesi Papa..…
Obiero Aaaah haye haye haye haye haye haye Aaaah haye haye haye…
Wa Winjigo Ero Biography Ayub Ogada's life is a prime demonstration of the …

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Comments from YouTube:

Rick G

I was fortunate enough to hear this music way back in 1998 when a great yoga teacher came to my studio.. When I was alone, cleaning the floors I would play it.. One time a female instructor came in and heard it, she instantly fell in love with it and started dancing around the room.. I thot I was in heaven

JustCallMeJack Omwono

May he rest in peace

Tomas Peña

00:00 Obiero
05:41 Dala
08:58 Wa Winjigo Ero
12:33 Thum Nyatiti
15:16 Kronkronhinko
18:40 Chiro
22:19 10%
26:25 Ondiek
30:29 Kothbiro
36:05 En Mana Kuoyo

Yonna Parker


Khanimambo Bar

Muchas gracias

JustCallMeJack Omwono

08:58 wa winjogi ero (WE are listening to them)

Linda Kinne

Thanks. It's exactly what I needed!

Forgotten Clown

Thank you 👍

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Dickens Mitawia

Rest in eternal peace Ayub Ogada. Your music lives on....dhok osedonjo e dala!


Yes, Sir you are right! And as long as his beautiful music lives on, AYUB lives on. 🌟🙌🏻💓❣️

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