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Ayub Ogada Lyrics

Ayub Ogada's life is a prime demonstration of the wonders of cultural collision; the exposure to both traditional African and modern Western values provided a rich background on which he founded his unique musical talents.
Ogada is one of the Luo people of Western Kenya, and he received his first exposure to Western culture early on.
When he was six, his parents (also musicians), toured the college circuit in the U.
Ogada then returned to Kenya with his parents, and was educated in a Catholic school, then an English boarding school.
After finishing school, he played for several years in a Kenyan group called African Heritage Band, which fused traditional music with the sounds of rock and soul that Ogada and bandmates heard regularly on the radio.
In 1986, he decided to take his talents abroad.
Armed with hisnyatiti (a lyre-like stringed instrument), he went to the U.
K., and played on the streets for money.
After the better part of a year, he was approached and asked to play at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival.
In 1993, he was invited to Gabriel's Realworld Studios, where he recorded his first album, En Mane Kuoyo (Just Sand).
He continues to tour extensively with WOMAD. Steve Mc
Mullen, Rovi

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Comments from YouTube:

atara schimmel

I bow to this man with the deepest and greatest of Gratitude for the beautiful gifts, wisdom and truth he has shared with me and continues to share with me. God Bless Africa. Rise Up Africa. There is no land more perfect than Africa.

okoth brian

Do you understand?

David Brown

He was a gift while he was with us, guiding the world back to the true source of the music that captivates us all today: AFRICA.

Pablo Delgadillo

Verdaderamente Hermoso, te transporta,muy bueno, quisiera me contactaran con alguien que las pueda traducir al español, 🙏🙏🙏🙏Muchas Gracias.

Rag Had

Your music has unearthed slumbering emotions within us. Rest in peace, oh beautiful soul.

It’s Possible

Beautifully spoken Raghad! So true...

K Mar

How sad that you're gone. Too soon that was. Thank you for the beauty you shared through your music, making the world a better place to be.

Patrick Power

Rest in peace, an amazingly powerful musician and a good soul

jasmine smith

Oh how sad this man has passed, How beautiful his music was/is! I just discovered his music today.

Tolbert Pitman

I love this! So good to hear unique acoustic instruments. Bring back some more Real World Records and Ayub!

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