Aziz Maraka Lyrics

إبكي يا حزين
و امحي دمعة عين
على جنود تيجي بتروح و ناس بتموت
حرب و تقتيل
على كم جيش انهار على شط، على سور عظيم
زمان. زمان. زمان. زمان.
غيرهم انحنوا
لعالم وعاد، كذاب، كنزه كبير
عالم بيعطيك كتير، بس بياخد ما بيستناش
و بتسألني ليش في ميزان و في بيان
إنسان طماع خسران ما بيتعلم
إبكي إبكي يا حزين
إبكي إبكي يا حزين

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Comments from YouTube:

Khaled Alghazoul

Let's all let aziz know that we need a studio version of this masterpiece

Rana Ayşe

I'm Turkish and I have no idea what the song is about however his style shows that he is master of Arabic music. I hear Eastern&Western details in the song. That's what I love! I wanna see the studio version really ❤️


10 years later and I go back to this track, the intro music the words everything about it is timeless.
Another kind of love..homesickness , country love and patriotism.

Cry you sad pal..
ابكي يا حزييييييييين

Salma Himdi

No word can describe enough how much I love this song..

Salma Nasser

غزّه تُبَاد الآن.
يا رب سلّم غَزة وأهلَها.



Lynch Yakuza

يا رب 💓🇵🇸

Hala Otoom

كل ما اسمعها لازم ابكي💔❤❤

lycia :3

how underrated this song is !! i love it

lovemusic swift

I listen to this song 50 times a day , The lyrics and music and really touching and deep <3 It's Amazing keep going Aziz We love you <3

Zack Haddad

This is outstanding, touching, and musically epic.  Thank you Aziz.. 

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