Aziz Maraka Lyrics

حاطة راسك بدك تنامي ... مش جاييكي نوم بتعاني
وانت كل يوم و التاني... تعبانة دايما
و كل ما تحاولي تقولي شي.. ما حدى سامع
ولافي صدى يطلع من جواتك.. بيرجعلك دايما

ولا حدى يسمع هالصدى
يللي ما الك صوت لا صيف و لا شتى
راح وانطوى هالصوت بالفضى
كل ما يحكي القلب ما بيسمع حدى
أوه... أ أ أو.. من بين كل الناس يللي سمعك أنا

حاسة حالك نجنيتي... تحت حرامك اتخبيتي
وطبع الدنيا عليكي قاسي ... و انت خايفة دايما
و كل ما تجربي تعللي الصوت ... انت يللي مش سامعة صوتك
بي ما أصعب تعرفي حالك.. انت هيك دايما...

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Written by: Aziz Maraka

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Comments from YouTube:

farah adass

aziz you have an artistic heart, I'm so proud of you, how you combine different styles of music in one song, you're a creative soul, your voice speaks through your songs perfectly, keep it up <3

Michael Brown

Aziz, I've been humming this song to myself all morning!  Good job sir!

Afnan Faddah

Aziz good job really! i am glad you are taking the Arabic music composition to the next level.. i am proud of you, well done talented really talented.. keep it up :)

Mohammad AbuGhazaleh

You're freakin brilliant man! I really hope you'd make more songs from this genre.
We'd like another concert in Jordan, cant get enough of this man

Yaman Makhlouf

Whenever I listen to this song my body shivers ! Amazing talent keep it up! Looking forward your future concerts 😍😍😍

amy love

من ستوري احمد ابو الرب
الاغنية حلوة😍

Sanad Amara

اخييرا قعدت ساعة ادور عليها


Im so glade that i came across with this video, because now I'm officially in love with your amazing music! You really deserve to be recognized even more!

Jessica Brent

This is a fabulous video. Your voice portrays deep emotion, as always, but you also project real feeling on camera. I do not speak Arabic, so for me, the singer is trying to touch someone with his music, so deeply that they "come alive" and awaken in response to his song.  From the time I first heard you sitting at the piano, your songs speak to my heart and soul. What a gift! Continue to follow your dreams. You are fluent in the language that matters most, the universal one. 

Khuloud Dagher

"sme3tek"... is the feminine form of the verb " I heard you">>>>> implying that he heard HER voice where no is giving her the chance to be heard. Ya, agree. other than background music... the choice of words is also good.

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