Secret Love
Azn Dreamers Lyrics

Dreams of love
My secret is with you
I think of how our love could be
But all my friends say I'm a fool
I don't care
What People have to say
Whenever I can I'll be there for you
I am sure I'll find a way

Whatever you do don't break my heart
Wherever you go we'll never part
'Cause I know our love is strong enough
And you'll always be my secret love

You and I
It's like the book of love
I must of read a thousand pages
But it seems it's not enough
I wish I, Could give the world to you
And when I see a falling star
Then I will make that wish come true


Outta luck, outta hand
Make me understand
Baby please
All I need, is to see what it takes
For me to win all of your love

Chorus (Till the end)

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Comments from YouTube:

Virasak Pompam Lurnam

beautiful song =]

Jens Nguyen

dang brings back memories


💞💖😢.. So pretty are these words.. Today I thought I am so happy you came into my life. The BLESSING you have been to me in 1000 ways..esp at this point in my lifetime.. I cried a bit but knew ours is a special love. A once in a lifetime LOVE... A forever love. 💓💓✳💝The Gift.from HIM above. .

Wilson Lucero Antonio Jr.

nice song.


this song is from Romeo, a dutch boyband in the 90' asian dreamers is just a compilation of love songs (the best though)

Voan Siam

@ALLyellow AZN Dreamer are just the people that compile those songs together into a collection, they don't make those songs. There are NSync and many other artists songs that are part of that collection too. The purpose of that collection was to compile a list of western songs for the Asian market.


Wow i never knew these guys are the original artists to one of my favorite songs growing up. I just started learning AZN dreamer was a made up group. Im inspired to make a mini doc on this topic. I would love to interview you about this matter

jake lopez

Dude you should put some anime on it


it's prolly kai

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