Across the Ocean
Azure Ray Lyrics

Now I've traveled across the ocean
With the same shoes just longer hair
I still carry that picture in my wallet
From the photo booth yeah, it's still there

Just give me some kind of sign
Is this the right place
Or the right time

Now I've landed in the Midwest
Where you lived so long ago
Remember I was always freezing
And now I'm covered up in snow
Please give me some kind of sign
Is this the right place
Or the right time


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Comments from YouTube:

Shayne S

13 years late to the party but let me say it anyway: Coffee Prince is one of the kdramas that has ABSOLUTELY excellent background music/OSTs. It introduced me to lots of good songs such as this one. Love the beach scene (ep9) soo much.


@lilmamagc thank you sm


@Milvian tearliner - raincoat.
Go go chan
belle epoque - may

those 3 are some of my favorites


i recently finished watching it but i can’t find other songs that we’re played. do you think you can share some of the songs you found?

Anahid Rasti

The beach scene was the most emotional and heartbreaking part. Their sadness felt so real.

Meow Meow

Its 2019 and we are almost 2020 and i still miss listening to this song
Thank you Coffee Prince ❤️

Túrin Turambar

@Stevie 2022 now 😭


We here in 2020 still listening, still rewatching

Tracy 4 the Animals

Coffee Prince brought me here. This was the best scene! It literally brought me to tears. The pain and desire and confusion on his face was just ...Amazing. What impressive acting and what a perfect song for that scene. Hmmm Was this song in one of the Twilight movies too?

The Collector

They changed the music on Netflix for that scene. That was really upsetting...

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