Ain't Nobody Home
B.B. King Lyrics

Once upon a time, a long long time ago
Wherever you'd lead me, I would surely follow
Girl, you put me through some pain and misery
And now you are standing on my doorstep
Telling me how much you need me

Baby, ain't nobody home
Ain't nobody home

How many times I begged for you to come home
But you laughed at me and said, "Let me alone"
Through my falling tears, I saw you walk away
And now you're beggin' me to forgive you
But this time baby, it's your turn to beg

Baby, ain't nobody home
There ain't nobody home

Girl, I used to love you
In ways no one else would love you
Gave you everything that I own
Girl, you can't come back here
Ain't nobody home

Once upon a time, when you went on your way
But, girl, I hoped and prayed, that you'd come back some day
But time has made some changes, turned me upside down
So, you can beg me to forgive you
But this time baby, you can turn right around

Ain't nobody home
Ain't nobody

Baby, there ain't nobody home
You know you hurt me once
There ain't nobody home
Oh, you can beg me baby
But still there ain't nobody home

Ain't nobody baby
Ain't nobody home

I hear you knockin'
But there ain't nobody home

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Comments from YouTube:


Christ my heart wasn't ready to surprisingly hear D'Angelo on this... This is amazing.


One of my favorites by Mr. BB. The world has lost a great talent.

Man O'Neal

Anything with D'Angelo in it is worthwhile.


I love this song

D Parks

Just heard this being used as background music for a podcast. I forgot this gem of a song. Remember this from my youth.


Excellent !
I like also the Howard Tate and Bonnie Raitt versions :-)

Akhil Vatsa

I love the feel of it, makes me happy

Kwame Aboagye

BB King, what can you say about this dynamically beautiful blues singer and musician who is so upliftingly so special.

This is such a classic, Ain't Nobody Home and that's what the king of the blues was about.

BB, you are never ever forgotten.

RIP, Riley BB King, you are outstandingly gifted and thanks for the memories.

Jeff Sanders

Ain't no body home bye bb king

Charlie W

Yeah, the King Of the Blues will live on forever!!

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