B.B. King Lyrics

B.B. boogie darlin'
The B.B. boogie baby
Do the B.B. boogie
If it takes you all night long

Well I looked at the clock
The clock said four
My baby jumped up
She said, "B., let's go"
Do the B.B. boogie baby
B.B. boogie darlin'
Do the B.B. boogie, if it takes you all night long
Grabbed my bay turned her round and round
She said, "B.'s the boogiest man in town"

B.B. boogie darlin'
The B.B. boogie baby
Do the B.B. boogie, if it takes you all night long
I grabbed my baby and I held her tight
Me and my baby do the boogie all night
B.B. boogie darlin'

The B.B. boogie baby
Do the B.B. boogie, if it takes you all night long
I grabbed my baby and I held her tight
She said, "love me baby and squeeze me tight"
The B.B. boogie
B.B. boogie darlin'
B.B. boogie, if it takes you all night long

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8:25 a drop of tear falls from my right eye. that's strange. my abdomen muscles spasm. i am driving through county road and crying. i am depressed.

Robert Randolph touched my heart right at that very moment. i have seen the king live. clapton also. and have listened to many many interpretations of the tune. some good some ok some great. i play several instruments too. mostly into jazz.

all i am saying is it is about the moment and who you are and where you are. where you are. and the sound finds you. and fills in to that gap. like a lost tooth. a missing spot in your soul. sometimes it occurs like a soothing filling. sometimes it is a touch on a forgotten and ignored problem area. sometimes it is a touch on an exposed open nerve tip. right there! it makes the impact. that''s how music can be so powerful. RR hits there that it makes BB king to turn head.

it is not a specific scale or chord or style or an instrument or a genre or an artist that does it. it is the nature of the moment.

you are on the beach with surf boards laying lazy and playing around and the water is still. but that one wave appears slightly in view and one surfer puts the board under his arm and acts on it and ride that one very wave. we are like whoa! no it wasn't the biggest wave ever or it wasn't the fastest ride either but it was THE wave. for me at least.

not then but today, now. it hit me just like that. that sound wave he rode then, hid somewhere in the atmosphere and landed on me so powerful now, today.

is that a good thing? it is what it is. things are the way they are. they don't have to be anything. they are what you make of them. or usually, we do nothing.

now i am gonna look up some of Robert Randolph's solos and i probably won't get that impact again. he is just a person after all. do you remember a powerful impact of certain things that happened to you in life? you can not simulate that. same set up and all but no it won't do it. that's the unknown factors of chemistry. and this search is the journey of music listeners.

god or whatever is capable of doing it bless you

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Minoru Mike Aoki

I shall be 84 years old in a week and listening to this song/music. And sometimes, I will dance alone in my study room while listening.

Gocha Buchunteli

You sir deserve a world champ cup <3

Renee Taylor

I meet bb King he song at for my birthday ten years ago rip can't nobody put the blues down like that man i love you bb king

Minoru Mike Aoki

@Gabriel Espinoza OK!!

Gabriel Espinoza

Keep dancing till the end!

Gerry Jarvie

You knit that dough scone. Mellowness ov the night. All rewards ah think?

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Édouard Nasri

When I was a boy, my dad took me to a BB King concert in our hometown (North of France). I was probably one of the only kids in there. At one point, he started shaking the hands of the people close to the stage. Unfortunately, I was a meter away, on my dad's shoulders. I reached and reeeeached out my hand to the King... But it seemed like he didn't notice me... Until he stopped walking, set his eyes on me and said "YOU !"... and shook my hand :) The smile on my face must have been larger than the concert hall we were in!


What a cool story! 😊

simply Ami vlogs


Vicki Beardsley

He was, and still is Beautiful!

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