B.B. King Lyrics

Walk with my baby
She got great big feet
She long, lean and lanky
An had nothin' to eat

She's my baby
I love her, just the same
Yeah an I'm crazy 'bout this woman cause
Caldonia..., is her name
Don't take your big head so hard?
I love ya
I love ya just the same
You know I'm crazy 'bout this woman because
Caldonia..., your name

You know what?
(What's that?)
My mother told me to leave that girl alone
(I thought that was a good woman, ain't nothin' wrong with you)
I don't doubt it boy, but my mother can't
Understand the girl and she doesn't like her
So I'm gonna go right now to her house, find her
Call her just one more time
I hope she hear me?
(Oh she gonna hear you alright!)
Caldonia, Caldonia!
What makes your big head so hard?

I love ya
I love you just the same
You know I'm crazy 'bout this woman
Pine Top
Caldonia ..., your name
I love that girl, boy!

Now you know!
My mother keep on tellin' me
That you're the one, no kiddin' buddy
I heard what you said
(Your mother jivin', boy)
Now, she said son, she will bale you around if the moment is good
Puttin' down what I did...
So now I've gotta go back out and call her, one more, once
I need one more, ya hear?
Caldonia, 'donia
{What make your big head so hard?}

(I loose her
Loves her just the same)

And I dreams about ya baby
'Cause Caldonia is your name


Now you know
My mother keep on tellin' me, to leave that girl alone!
(No kiddin' that's what you said)
No, she said son
(Say what?)
She still would bat me around, but mama wouldn't hear
It wasn't cool, so I'm gonna have to go
Back to the house you know
And call her, one more time

'Donia! Donia! (Donia...(Donia)
What makes your big head so hard?
{I loves her, loves her just the same
Now I'm crazy 'bout ya baby, 'cause Caldonia is your name}

(Yeah I'm crazy 'bout ya baby)
(Wild about ya baby)
I mean crazy 'bout ya baby
(Wild about ya baby)
Crazy 'bout ya baby
(Wild about ya baby)
(Crazy 'bout ya baby)
(Wild about ya baby)
(And I'm crazy 'bout ya baby
'Cause Caldonia is your name)
(Wild about ya baby)
Crazy 'bout ya baby
(Wild about ya baby)
Crazy 'bout ya baby
(Wild about ya darlin')
I love your style little girl
(Wild about ya baby)
Crazy 'bout ya baby)
(Wild about ya baby
'Cause downtown you here tonight)

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Written by: FLEECY MOORE

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Comments from YouTube:


I graduated in ‘91 my buddy and I used to sing this on the way to school , two white boys didn’t know no better we just liked BB!

kim mcintire

Im so grateful im white and 💝this stuff


I met bb around that time, I lived in Nashville and he was getting photos from my photographer neighbor.

Very nice man.


Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Catherine Ward

We saw B B in concert while I was carrying our son. He was bootiin’ away like a good thing in my belly! He’s never lost his love for this guy.

Paula Clayton

It is the 1971 recording. "B.B. King in London"....I bought the album in 1972, and learned to play the blues from it.

Steve Ellis

It's weird that in the 'in london' album, they edited out a guitar solo after the saxophone part.


Thank you!

Felipe Saucedo Flores

Tengo muchos años de escuchar esta canción con B. B. King y no me canso de apreciar su gran fuerza interpretativa y el excelente arreglo musical, especialmente la guitarra y la musica de viento.
Larga vida al Blues !!!


She's got big feet and funny ankles, but damn she's fine.
But what makes her big head so high?

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