I Need Your Love
B.B. King Lyrics

I need someone's hand to lead me through the night
I need someone's arms that's gonna hold and squeeze me tight
Now, when the night begins, ya know I'm at an end
'Cause I need your love so bad

I need some lips, baby, to feel next to mine
I want someone, baby, to stand up and tell me when I'm lyin'
And when the lights are low and it's time to go
Oh, I need, I need your love so bad
So, give it up, and bring it home to me
Or write it on a paper, baby, so it can be read to me
Tell me that you love me and stop drivin' me mad
'Cause I, I need your love so bad

Yes, I need a soft voice, baby, to talk to me at night
And don't you worry, baby, we can make everything alright
Listen to my plea, baby, bring it home to me
I need your love so bad, oh
I need your love, baby, so bad.

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Comments from YouTube:

Ailish Beth D

I Love this piano version. Miss the guitar but BB King's voice is amazing paired with the tenor sax

Ben Flynn

The Green version is so much better. Imagine, a London Jew doing better blues singing and sometimes guitar playing too than a Mississippi boy . . .

David Parker

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea B.B. recorded this song too. Very cool. Interesting that there’s no guitar solo.

Peter Garibaldi

The thing I love about B.B. King is that he could have been famous no matter what he chose. If he was just a guitarist, he still would have been one of the most famous and respected blues guitarists of all time. If he was just a singer, he still would have been enormously successful and loved. He's really the genuine article.


Just a guitarist .that man was a pioneer he bridge Blues and Jazz .. and created a style from 50 other styles . If I was half as good as he is Id just be a guitarist ..

Michael Michael

New way's to English lesson.

Michael Michael

Chinmi elex media komputindo for english student.

Tara White

0 dislikes.....

Tainara Duarte


Christoph Plays Guitar

Does anybody know where this version is from and when it was recorded? Can't find it anywhere else.

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