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If It Don't Turn You on
B.T. Express Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by B.T. Express:

Can't Stop Groovin' Now Wanna Do It Some More Can't stop groovin' right now Wanna do it some more Can't st…
Close to You Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time you are near Just…
Do it Oh Go on and do it Do it, do it 'til you're…
Do It ('Til Your Satisfied) Ooh, go on and do it, do it, Do it 'til…
Everything Go to You Man f'real I love bein' from the Dirty South man It…
Give It What You Got Give it what you got Give it what you got Give it…
Give up the Funk Cardi Josh X I see the pain in your eyes And truth is,…
Now That We Now that we found found love What are we gonna do…
Now that We Found Love Now that we found found love What are we gonna do…
Now That We've Found Love Now that we found found love What are we gonna do…
Once You Get It Once you get it, ooh Once you get it, hold on,…
Peace Pipe Put it in your peace pipe (Yeah) smoke it on up…
You Got It Oooooo Go on and do it Do it, do it 'til you're…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


This is usually an amplified sample of the ever popular guitar line. It's got some deep bass and pretty fly drums too. This song was sampled in:
"So What Cha Sayin'" by EPMD (1989)
"Premier and the Guru" by Gang Starr (1989)
"Comm 2" by The D.O.C. (1989)
"Smooth Operator" by Big Daddy Kane (1989)
"Make You Feel Alright" by Doctor Ice feat. Red Alert (1989)
"God Make Me Funkee" by Kool Moe Dee (1989)
"Can This Be Real? (Remix)" by King Tee (1990)
"My Ideology" by Professor Griff feat. Dante Carfanga (1991)
"You Can't See What I Can See" by Heavy D. & the Boyz (1991)
"Mic Checka" by Das EFX (1992)
"Boon Dox" by EPMD (1992)
"That's the Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson (1993)
"Judy Had a Boyfriend (Mucho Radio Mix)" by Riff (1993)
"Don't Waste My Time (Wastin' Time Mix)" by Lisa Taylor (1993)
"Pump for a Livin'" by Live Squad (1993)
"Str8 Jackin'" by Nemesis (1993)
"It's Workin'" by Naughty by Nature feat. Rotten Rascals (1995)
"Use Your Heart" by SWV (1996)
"Funkorama" by Redman (1996)
"I Want You" by Horace Brown (1996)
"Crenshaw Mafia" by Lil' Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low, and June Dawg (1996)
"All Night, All Day" by Chantay Savage (1996)
"The Blues" by Naughty by Nature (1999)
"So What Ya Sayin'" by Beanie Sigel feat. Memphis Bleek (2001)
"Wonder What It Do" by Snoop Dogg feat. Uncle Chucc (2011)
"Slow Your Roll" by PMD feat. Ace Brav and DJ Da Realst (2017)

All comments from YouTube:

B. Rod Clark

'So Watcha Sayin' ?' by EPMD ('89) and 'Use Your Heart' by SWV ('97)

ron akins

So many rappers have sampled this....Epmd-so whatcha sayin' King Tee Can this be real Kriss Kross The bomb. Gangstarr Premier & the guru.....just to name a few

Joshua Stephens

0:07 Dr. Dre randomly samples this on "Stranded on Death Row" and it honestly a nice little detail to the beat (and yes I know EPMD sampled it previously on "So Watcha Sayin'")

kevin harrison

Child of the 70s right here. Respect it!!!! This was always my jam.

MC Zappa

The employees of the year; yeah, we’re back to work...

You'll Like It Too

Funk by the TON!

Mike Be

So what you sayin...


minister jap

Me and my nickel bag of weed

Johnny Chambers

B.T Epress was one of the badness group doing the late 70 like he said if don't turn you on step back and leave it along you people get the message step back and leave it along Oki get it smile. Johnnie 😎😎😎😎😎

Teemo Luciano

Them horns tho

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