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Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit
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D&D 3.5 in a nutshell

Treasure Mage

2nd Edition in nutshell*
In 3.5, you minmax by taking points in everything.


If you think 5e's martial vs caster balance is bad, you've never played 3.5 or pathfinder


@bud389 I'm not dismissing the tier list; it's just that there is an equal number of people if not more who complain about casters being nerfed. And as far as I can tell the idea in this video -- one hero completely making another one redundant -- appears to me to have been solved. You can't have a party built entirely of summoners in PF 2e, you still absolutely need other characters to tank, deal damage, deal with social and skill situations, etc.


I'm willing to bet money that the writers played D&D 3.5 and then thought of this skit lol

Mister Bad Guy

@bud389 Most tier lists actually put Fighter in Tier 5. High Tier 5, but still; it's mostly dependent on how you twink them out.

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steven shar

This five minute bit, completely sums up all the cross over episodes of the Flash and Arrow.

Must Have Pants

BMX bandit was a real movie in the 80s

Michael Carr

@Rider 1234 Better in every way. Wouldn't even need the bow, he could just fling rocks... Or catch them himself.


Can you imagine if they decide to do an Arrow/Supergirl crossover? XD

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