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Bob Koeller

@Darren Harper

Q: "I’ve always loved your solo on Vamos. I’ve read that to get some of those sounds you threw tennis balls at your guitar in the studio. Is that true?" - Dan Troy

A: "We were throwing stuff at it. But I wonder if we ever did that? You know, I’ve always wanted to do that. And I think we did do it, at least for the Surfer Rosa version. It was just about making fun of guitar solos. Just thinking that they’re wanky and there was too much acrobatics. I know I play the guitar but I find extended solos… unentertaining.

I like riffs. I like something memorable. And a lot of solos are. Hendrix’s solos were always memorable because there’s sonic stuff involved with them. And there’s a melodic element. So I’m not saying all guitar solos are mundane. But there should be a certain hook around it, there should be a certain theme around it."

I don't think he gives a sh!t about whatever style or technicality you think he should have.

Howard Tyler

Paz and David, the rhythm section from heaven..... the fabulous guitar histrionics and bellowing vocals equals the most important band still around today.
Loved them 30 years ago.....and guess what??????
Love even more now!!!
Paz is an asset to die for!!!
Loved her in Zwan.
Love her in Pixies TONS!!
At Alexandra Palace, they just tore it up!!

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Joe Chapman

Bass tone is absolutely perfect

Soinu Geyser

La Gorda PAM

this link is music shit

Elizabeth Correa Celis

@Hedekkmñvonhon ~~e~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||||||||%

Zeljko Mastilo

in essence, that is the problem

sklomrd tv

Precision bass is best bass ever

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Mental Stanley

90s alternative wouldn't have existed had the Pixies not existed


The Pixies would not approve of this thread 😔

Rasul Yusibov

And I think Pixies wouldn’t have existed if Modern Lovers and Jonathan Richman had not existed

Tina Longietti

@Initialgs don’t forget Kurt was extremely impressed with the pixies

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