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BBC News24 Countdown
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Comments from YouTube:

VM Phil

The jump at the end of the countdown suggests that the countdown was played out by BBC One and they cut to News 24 exactly at 2am


Jack doesnโ€™t want to go to Blackpool, love, he just wants to go to Tomโ€™s house!


Used to wait for these countdowns back when I was 8. Climax got me so excited. Was my favorite piece of music at the time ahah

si 002

I used to wait up for these handovers to BBC News 24 from BBC One hoping to see the full 90 second countdown, I think this may have been the very version I got recorded on VHS video ๐Ÿ“ผ in 2000, or maybe 1999. Sadly a lot of tapes got ripped up which I was annoyed about at the time. So it's good to find this version!

Billy Hicks

Anyone else think the continuity announcer was going to say "A full 90 second countdown"?

Geraint Lewis

Oh, hey! It's one of the 30 second balloon idents!


I watched this countdown on BBC America when I was 12... They showed this Nonstop

si 002

Presumably without BBC News 24 written underneath!

Steve _G

That ident annoyed me at the time, but it's nice to hear that balloon theme in full.

me and ducky


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