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Far Back in the Mists
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Ash Cooper

Is it so hard to believe that humankind has lived for so long on this earth that we simply forgot what we had learned. And each cycle we relearn those things until we wipe ourselves out then we start all over again.

Liam Whinery

I dont "think" that it is an issue with us wiping each other out, but just being wiped out by life's happenings and nature's functions.
I sometimes try to imagine what the surviving members of an ant colony must think after a powerful hurricane has just passed.

بانثر P

@Hulda Rising we are not declining

بانثر P

@Chris Young taco bell

Nikola Tovar

LMAO this whole comment chain.

Ryan Johnson

6,000 years isn't that long

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Chris Bell

When i went to India in 2009 there were no street lights . You could see the milkyway i saw stars id never saw before it was like someone had put jewels in the sky. It was amazing . So who knows what the Sumerians could see

Andrew Wazagow

@8alot4t This is a very interesting news. Thank you.

Creative Life with Grace

@Junder R by how satisfied and abundant I feel day in and out with the knowing and in the knowing the language of the universe..


The same, 6000 years is not Long om a planetary scale

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