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Match Of The Day
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Cats And Cats And Cats We sat and watched the sundae cups Our ice cream melted…
Genesis There's the Reds and there's the Greens Super slicks and ha…

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Comments from YouTube:

Nathaniel Jose

How in the world was that not a pen, he was literally doing dance moves

Tom Cooney

How in the world was not it a red for Greenwood
dude knocked CHO hands into the ball then handballed it himself

Alex Grant

They never even discussed Luke Shaw’s comments (likely because his interview was to Sky) but he really summed up the state of officiating in the country when he said the ref basically told Maguire “yeah it was a penalty but I can’t give it because others will moan”. Which is what I call a bottle job. He bottled a big decision over fear of a few complaints which should never even enter his head. If it’s a penalty, it’s a penalty regardless what others may think. The ref should be punished for such an admission but of course nothing will happen

Dylan Large

@Callum Alston No the FA investigated anyway and found Shaw not guilty which means the Ref DID say something along those lines!


They never discussed it because it didn't happen.

Callum Alston

Tbf Utd came out and said that he “misunderstood” but I think that’s just the club covering him from the premier league doing an investigation.

Motion sports

1.If whatever Luke Shaw said is false, he should be fined🤦🏻‍♂️ - I believe the ref said that to maguire👀
2. I bet they paid maguire to say that "Luke shaw misheard the conversation"💰💵
3. The refs should come and give their match interviews after games🎤📹
4.The spectators should be able to listen to what the var officials are saying to the ref📞🤦‍♂️
5. I dont think its a penalty but lets take in what the ref said to maguire🤷
6. Give the pen where the pen is due and if its not a pen, DONT GIVE IT🗣😤

Kasper Pedersen

1. On what grounds? 2. We'll never know if they instructed Maguire, don't think money will have an impact. 3. Will not happen, not the public's job to assess referees/VAR. 4. Idem 3. 5. Are you blind? It's so much more a penalty than many others given this year. I think he doesn't give it because they are moving away from goal and it is not a clear and obvious chance, but handball is not related to whether it is or not according to the rules. 6. Agree, but guess you can't get anybody to disagree to that.

Ben C

Lover these 🙏

Jaigo Goodwin-Patel

This is great

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