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Six Pints of Bitters
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James Evans

@inathinglass I think you've got that the wrong way round. Everyone in the bar is drinking from "thin" glasses. Have a look. The barman, on hearing Carter's accent, picks up a jug. By asking for a "thin" glass Carter is telling everyone that he's actually a local. Which he is, despite the accent. My mum explained all that to me when I was a nipper. She's from up there.

Teddy Bass

@v8pilot That explains why people down south call each other mugs

Teddy Bass

That needs to go on IMDB trivia

James Evans

@scitchyrooroo Just wrong, I think. Look at all the glasses on the bar when he walks up to it. They are all thin glasses. The locals drink from thin glasses.


@James Evans That appears incorrect: the bartender grabs a glass like the locals are using and reaches for the tap (not a jug). I’m American – what do I know? – but I think it’s fairly simple: The blue-collar, unrefined, rough-and-tumble locals are drinking from their thick, squatty tumblers; Carter thinks they’re beneath him, so he demands a more patrician-sounding “thin glass,” which garners a look from one of the locals that suggests, “Oh, and who does he think HE is?” Carter isn’t telling everyone he’s one of the locals; he’s acting like a local who went away and made good and wants to set himself apart as more refined than the Newcastlers.

Nick Hedley

James Evans It’s also a gangster/ criminal thing... a thin glass is easier to smash and use as a weapon. Er, so I’ve been told...

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It cuts just before the moment when we notice the man with an extra finger!

charlie watson

THE greatest Caine film EVER

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