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Pearl Jam Don't need a helmet got a hard hard head Don't need…

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They are a very interesting tribe and culture, I think the whipping seems to be a form of conditioning against having the fear of the jungle. They still get plenty of love and affection, so it's not like they grow up to be stone-cold murderers because of the trauma or whatever else. They probably wouldn't survive if they were scared of the things they're supposed to hunt.

natalia porto

does anybody know how to say 'courage' in their language? pleaseeeee!

Dylan Perry

calm down


I agree! hahahah

Riley Golledge

That racist


Welp isn't it just great having laws against this if I got forced to get whipped I think I would hide in the rainforest XD


It's interesting seeing the spirits of the forest. It's funny how harsh it looks to us when they only go through this sporadically. Most children in the Western world get a smack each time their parent takes them to a supermarket.

ama creeve

@JoaoJesusHere You are simply placing your own ideology on a completely separate culture from ours. You know nothing of these people, and to make such a harsh statement after watching a 2 minute video is simply ridiculous.


nice pseudo science but im not that gullible


nice wall of buzzwords, why dont you use some facts next time.

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