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Far out in the Backwaters
by BBC Audiobooks

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Comments from YouTube:

Barri Barac

Who is watching this while locked-down or self-isolating due to Coronavirus?

Love Music


Hammer Time

They call it isolation or quarantine but in reality it is lock down

Betty Martin

I am.

Ted Brenneman

The Slow Silverado I hope you are doing better by now.

Andreas Arlt

its a fake the most people died on spanisj flu on the impfung . then many thousands die in around 24hours (they got an imp where typus,ebola and other where inside . Thanks mr rockefeller

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Shaun Ghishing

Lets Keep in mind that every 100years, we will face with Pandemic disease.

Shaun Ghishing

@Robert Pruitt As simple as that. It is ,what it is.

Someone 2

Good thing we might not be alive for the next one

Robert Pruitt

@Alv Vatzdal
This is the second pandemic this century, and last century had 3 pandemics.
(And over 60 epidemics around the world just this century)
The 1918 flu was the worst by far.
But that's kinda because of human actions during war being mandatory, and those actions being basically perfect to make it as bad as possible.

That death toll was far more the fault of human action in spreading it than the disease itself. Throw in the technology level of medicine of the time, and a 10% death rate isn't that high. We're not remotely perfect, but we really are pretty damn good at keeping people alive while their body/brain heals on it's own.

Take our tech back to 1918 levels and we'd be having much different death rate estimates.

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