Hope Not

시원한 바람 부는 창가에 앉아
먼 하늘 바라보며 너를 그려 난

어쩔 수 없는 난 바보인가 봐 (바보인가 봐) (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
사계절이 바뀌어도 변하지 않아

(Ah) 후회한 들 소용없다 해도
난 널 애타게 생각해 (I was wrong)
아무 일도 없는 것처럼
웃어줄게 널 만나면

For you 난 아파도 좋아
함께하는 동안
너에게 상처만 남겨준 나니까
But you 네가 원한 사랑
나보다 나은 사람 만나 행복해
날 잊을 만큼 만은 아니길

저 고요한 달빛에 잠 못 드는 밤 (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
아무리 기다려도 넌 오질 않아

내 옆엔 초라한 빈자리 하나 (빈자리 하나) (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
난 더 이상 혼자가 낯설지 않아

(Ah) 후회한 들 소용없다 해도
난 널 애타게 생각해 (Ooh, ah, I was wrong)
아무 일도 없는 것처럼
웃어줄게 널 만나면

For you 난 아파도 좋아
함께하는 동안 너에게 상처만 남겨준 나니까
But you 네가 원한 사랑
나보다 나은 사람 만나 행복해
날 잊을 만큼 만은 아니길

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (만큼 만은 아니길)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (만큼 만은 아니길)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

여전히 이곳에서 널 잊지 못해

For you 난 아파도 좋아 (yeah)
함께하는 동안 너에게 상처만 남겨준 나니까
But you 네가 원한 사랑
나보다 나은 사람 만나 행복해
날 잊을 만큼 만은 아니길

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Hong Jun Park, Jin Won Woo, Won Jin Seo, Lydia Paek

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Atasha Gwen

BLINKS...Please take time to read this.

On Oct2, BLACKPINK will realease new music, an album, their very first, after years of training and four years of roller coaster journey since they debuted. The long wait, our almost hopeless anticipation, is finally coming to an end. BLINKS, it is happening and we can only imagine how pricelessly happy and excited
JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ and LISA to share this special moment with us.

So we humbly, desperately ask everyone who holds the girls close to their hearts to set aside your own opinions, feelings and differences during this probably month-long celebration or maybe longer, and give BLACKPINK a peaceful comeback once and for all, well, at least within our fandom.

Think things through and choose to celebrate the happiness "THE ALBUM" will bring to the girls and the massive success it is yet to achieve. We BLINKS, will be the only ones who will make it possible. This first album realease will only be as we all expected and wanted it to be if we work together as one.

So we are begging you to please not blab and dwell on unequal line distribution and screentime if ever there will be, make-up, outfits or whatever other reasons that might throw gloom over this joyful occasion.

Remember what JISOO once said, not long ago, in the twitter blueroom, "Records isn't the main thing. As long as you are enjoing the song, it is enough for us..."

BLACKPINK loves us so much BLINKS. Let's give back the same amount of love or more to BLACKPINK by coming together as a united fandom, whether you are OT4, OT3, OT2, OT1, we are family.

Let's just rant when october ends but seriously, there's no need to fight one another. We should have each other's back.

©Worldwide BLINK

Ethêl Kãnîkø

5th time I've came here: ✔

10th time I've came here: ✔

50th time I've came here: ✔

100th time I've came here: ✔

I legit come here everyday and listen to this til school starts.
This song helps me with stressing over non-finish Hw.

Kids Fail

Lisoo: let’s both wear necklaces and not tell channie
Channie: let’s both have our hair down and not tell Lisoo
Chaesoo: let’s both have no bangs and not tell jenlisa
Jenlisa: let’s both not close our mouths full way and not tell chaesoo
Chaelisa: lets both show one ear and not tell jensoo
Jensoo: lets both have our hair dark and not tell chaelisa

Yg: let’s make blackpink princesses and not tell them

Blackpink: Let’s be QUEENS and not tell YG

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Kpop Groups

Jennie: "I sit by the window where cool air blows, I think of you while looking at the far sky. I will smile if I see you as if nothing happened, for you I'm ok with being hurt". I'm so sorry my Nini 😞😭🤧💔 you deserved to be happy and loved. This makes my heart break, I can't even imagine what you had to go through

Homay Sulog

Jennie 😭😭😭

Abc Abc

@Sweet Cookie true

Abc Abc

@Manjusri jennie suffered a lot you don't know anything. The lazy scandal people called her lazy because she can't dance because she had pain in her ankle badly and it was also because of a fan she had to say sorry on her own birthday she is one of the most hated idol. She was hurt in her ankle but still she chose to perform and give her best. People called her mean arrogant without knowing her real side. Still she is so humble and down to earth recently she got hated for the nurse outfit which wasn't her fault. She is hated tremendously she was also hated for getting more lines which is again not her fault. She also got hat for being yg's princess.

Naomi Jones

@Pushpa Rani bec YG & SM confirmed it when it was media play, but ya'll felt for it and took it seriously, and plus Jen and Kai never knew each other.. and Jennie is already getting alot of hate, so what make you thik she would be in a relationship??

Pushpa Rani

@Naomi Jones Then why is everyone talking about that like it's real?

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Jisoo's voice is really amazing, I don't understand why she doesn't get enough attention

no hate, i love jisoo❤️


@Merlin Ria exactly that's why no one notices her cuz she always has the least lines and screentime

Sundae Cookie

Jisoo is perfect for everyone!

Elyjoe Sanchez

@Nabeel Reza and thats bad that can make me feel upset

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